Tips on How to Survive College

As a first year college student, I am finding it stressful to balance college, a job, and a social life. It’s pretty hard. Here are some helpful tips on how to survive college if you are feeling overwhelmed as a student.


Every high school teacher told me to stay organized. Was I still digging my homework assignments out of the bottom of my back pack when they were due? Yes. College is different because I actually have to pay for college. Staying organized pays off. Get a binder or folder for each class and stay organized. Get a planner and write down assignments as they are assigned so you do not forget them. Write instructors emails if you’re afraid you missed something. Don’t be lazy – stay organized and succeed.

Support System

Have a support system. Whether it is friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, or cousins, have a person or have people you can lean on for support. When you forget to turn in an assignment or accidentally sleep in on an exam day, you’ll need to hear it will be okay and that you can still succeed in college. Let’s face it. Sometimes you are your biggest critic., so you definitely need people to encourage you to keep on trying your best.


I know, I know, no one likes this subject, but it has to be done if anyone is going to be successful – unless you’re one of those weird people who have a photographic memory. If you’re one of those people, everyone else hates you. Studying is important. If you work all week or are busy with friends or family, try to dedicate a time to study a good 3 to 5 hours. They say for every hour you are in class that you should study two hours. It is understandable that life gets busy and there isn’t any time left to cram before an exam, but remember that studying is important.


This is perhaps the most important tip. College life gets so stressful with trying to meet deadlines, stacks of homework, studying, and finals. Remember that it is important to unwind and forget about college for a day. Go out with friends, visit your family,  or have a Netflix marathon to relax.

College is hard. If it wasn’t, anyone would go. Keep these tips in mind as you start or continue your college journey. You can do it!

Written by Gracen

College student. Aspiring nurse. Writer. Lover of books, movies, friends and family.

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