Tips on How to Find Your Ideal Prom Dress

Prom is one of the largest social events of the year in high school. It will be one of your most memorable nights of your life. One of the most important parts of the planning pre-prom is finding the perfect dress. You want a dress that is original, fitting, stylish and most of all something that you love!

Finding the perfect prom dress can be overwhelming and stressful. With a little help and a few tips and tricks up your sleeve it will be easy and fun. Read on to discover tips on how to find your ideal prom dress.

Firstly, Set a Budget

Before you start any type of shopping or begin compiling ideas of what you’re looking for, set a budget. It is highly important to know how much you have to spend. It takes away the risks of discovering something you are obsessed with and then finding out you don’t have enough money to purchase it.

By setting yourself a number, it will help you find a dress by limiting your options through eliminating dresses that fall outside the budget. Remember to consider accessories and shoes when setting a budget too. There are a lot of expenses in relation to prom, it isn’t necessary to go into debt finding the perfect ensemble.

Know Your Body Type

You can wear any dress you like, but you will find that some may fit your figure better than others. Certain shapes match perfectly to certain dresses, keep this in mind. There are many shapes, but generally most people will fit into one of four: pear, apple, hourglass or athletic. Everybody has flattering features; your dress should focus on accentuating these features.

Accessories and Shoes

As mentioned previously, accessories and shoes are a relative part of your prom dress shopping. Usually, people buy the best dress and then find accessories and shoes to match. Base the colours and materials of them on the dress you choose. Match the elements. Or, why not do the opposite and start with the accessories and shoes.

When it comes to accessories, people usually opt for a handbag or clutch and jewellery, like earrings and necklaces. In relation to shoes, choose a pair that fits the scene of comfort and style. You’ll be in your shoes for a long while, avoid any chance of pain.

Allow for Plenty of Time

Make prom dress shopping a priority, it’s one of the most time-consuming elements of planning for your prom. Some dresses need to be specially ordered. It may require alterations. You may need to allow time for altering. Plus, there can be competition for formal prom dresses. Or, you may come multiple, or all, of these topics. Be mindful of the process and how much time it may take.

Consider that the closer to your prom, the higher the prices become and the fewer the options there are to shop for. Start the search process of your prom dress at the beginning of the year and then roughly a month before prom purchase your dream dress.

Trust Where You Shop

Online shopping is growing in popularity for its ease and practicality. With online shopping you can also shop around to find the most budget friendly options. Look through reviews and search around for photos of your dress that you desire. Why not go into stores and try on lots of dresses for size and fit. Then go on the web to find the most trusted and well-reviewed labels.

If you find something that you feel comfortable and beautiful in, you can finish searching. Most importantly you should wear something that makes you feel confident and happy. Have the night of your life at your prom. 

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