Tinashe Releases Single and Track List for Her Upcoming ‘Joyride’

Tinashe announced via Instagram last week the track list of her highly-anticipated album Joyride. In addition to the track list, she revealed that the album is dropping on April 13, 2018.

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Joyride 4/13 + guess which track is coming out on Friday?

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Linked above, the image shows guest appearances from Migos’ Offset, Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana, Little Dragon, and Future. Joyride was originally slated to be released in 2016 but found its counterpart Nightride released instead.

Joyride album cover. Photo courtesy of Genius.

“Me So Bad” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana was released on March 30, 2018, a few days after Tinashe revealed the album’s track list. “No Drama” featuring Offset and “Faded Love” featuring Future were released as promotional singles earlier in 2018.

Tinashe and French Montana on the Me So Bad set. Photo courtesy of Pulse Music Board.

“Me So Bad” sports an infectious beat with Tinashe’s voice bouncing over it with ease. Perfect for spring and summer, we have no doubt people will be blasting this at every event. Ty Dolla $ign adds blends rap and singing with his contribution, with French Montana providing a more traditional rap verse. Everything comes together in the form of a slightly tropical bop. If this is just a taste of what Joyride is going to be, we cannot wait to hear the rest!

Tinashe can be found on Instagram here, and on Twitter here. Joyride is currently available for preorder before its release on April 13.

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  1. I am digging the song! It’s cute, catchy, with some hot features so it has the potential to do well. The thing we have to remember is the music being released is not based off Tinashe’s choosing, but RCA. The same record company that held up the release dates of both SZA and Sevyn albums. The Nightride mixtape was the label compromise with allowing Tinashe to release the kind of music she wants, whereas the album is all their doing with Tinashe trying to work within their parameters to make sure the album is still quality despite the fact it’s not the quality she would want. Just think, of the album was released when Party Flavors, Player, and Ride is Your Lofe were released, it would have sounded sonically similar to Aquarius, a sound that I enjoyed. But the label had to make her more pop, and forced her to release Superlove, Company, and Flame which are all notably absent from the album. I am looking forward to Tinashe’s album as I am a fan, but I am also aware that RCA does not know what to do with her, so rather than letting her do their thing, they keep forcing her to put out material that strays from her fan base. All in all, it’s not her, it’s her label, and RCA is known for mismanaging their female acts 🙁

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