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Throwback TV on Netflix: Our Top 3 Binge-Worthy Shows!

Netflix has become one of the go-to-platforms to discover old and new content. Be it a movie, a new show, or an anime we need to catch up on, the platform has something for everyone. So, here are our top 3 binge-worthy throwback TV shows available to stream now on Netflix!

For some readers, these throwback TV shows may be a blast from the past, undiscovered territory, or just a revisit to your favorite shows! Keep reading and find out…

At Number 1:

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1995) Season 1-6

“The funky fresh is back in the flesh with a vengeance home!” (S2: E3 1991)

Starring the legend that is Will Smith, this 90’s comedy brings both laughter and tears. The show follows a streetwise young man from Philadelphia, sent off to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle – ironically named The Banks. With possibly THE coolest theme songs a TV show has ever had, once you’ve sat through the first 5 minutes you’ll be hooked!

fresh prince

Credit: Giphy

And we’re not the only ones loving this throwback! Check this out:


At Number 2:

That ’70s Show (2005) Season 1-8

Now, this is definitely throwback TV! The show that brought the iconic couple Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher together! This show is as much a romance as it is a comedy! The lengthy show follows 6 young delinquents navigating adolescent life in 1970’s Wisconsin. What could be better than a ’90s-’00s show set in the ’70s, double throwback!!

that 70s show

Credit: Giphy

At Number 3:

Gilmore Girls (2006) Season 1-7

You’ll want the coffee machine close by for this one…

The unpredictable journey of a mother and daughter living in the quaint town of Stars Hollow; who really, really, REALLY like coffee. This is the definition of a ‘dramedy’, as we follow the ups and downs, highs and lows of life as a single mother and of a young girl coming of age. No TV show has ever, or will ever, hold more charm.

Gilmore girls coffee

Credit: Giphy

P.s. if you’re like us and are always left wondering, what happens after the show? Your prayers have been answered with this! Because Netflix has given us Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (2016) which picks up exactly 10 years after the end of the show, with an episode for each season of the year.


gilmore girls

Credit: Giphy

Be honest you were expecting to see Friends on this list, weren’t you? But let’s be real if you haven’t seen an episode of that in the last year, where have you been?

Any of these shows tickle your fancy for a binge session? Or maybe we’ve just stirred up some memories? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable

Written by Kitty Fox-Norris

I'm a Media and Popular Culture student with a passion for writing!

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