Three ways to thrive in school by following a passion

With the back-to-school season in full swing, many high school students are finding themselves overwhelmed with advice on how to survive the year. Freshman students are told to get involved in as many clubs and sports as possible, sophomores and juniors are suggested to get on the path of being well-rounded in anticipation of future university applications, and seniors are reminded to keep their good grades at top priority. On top of these are the societal non-academic pressures that come with being a teenager such as making friends and fitting in.

Turning the myth that “your days in high school are the best days of your life” into reality takes more than following the status quo of being the picture-perfect student. Every person is different, and every person’s high school experience is different. There’s no “one size fits all” method to thriving in school. However, there is a key to success.

The key to thriving in school and beyond is following a passion.

Passion can be found everywhere. If you constantly catch yourself doodling on your notes, you may be passionate about the arts. If you feel energized in a game, your passion could be sports. If you love to discuss real-world issues and write, you might have a passion for journalism. When pursuing a passion in school, you will have a much more fulfilled experience. You will find yourself enjoying coming to school every day and will build a strong personal identity.  It’s okay if you’re not sure what your passion is just yet – high school also offers many opportunities for you to try new activities and discover what you love – but once you find your passion, run with it.

There are many different ways to follow your passion in high school, but many students don’t realize this. That is why Fuzzable has compiled a list of three ways you can pursue your passion in a school environment.

#1: Take classes, join clubs, and tryout for teams

While taking courses and joining extra-curricular activities that pertain to your passion may seem like an obvious first step, it’s shocking the number of students who choose not to do this. Some musically-inclined students opt out of choir and band class because it’s “not cool” or not what their friends are doing. This is a mistake. Other people’s beliefs and judgment should not be prioritized over following your own interests. When selecting courses or deciding whether or not to join a certain club, do what feels right to you, and only you.

#2: Surround yourself with like-minded people

Although you may already have strong feelings about your passion, you will be even more motivated when you surround yourself with people who feel the same. Whether it’s the other people on your basketball team or your friends who are just as passionate about their respective sports, being around inspired people will push you further than you ever imagined. Not only that, but it gives you an amazing support system during all the ups and downs of following your heart.

#3: Use your passion in other classes

If you find that you’re struggling to get your ideas across in your history essays but can always portray your feelings through art, why not bring your passion into the classroom? Talk to your teacher about showing your learning in a different way by suggesting that the class have the option to do occasional projects instead of write-ups. Of course, some teachers may be more agreeable than others, but asking will never hurt.  Not only will your teacher get a break from the process of marking essay after essay, but by doing passion-based projects in class, you will enjoy learning, strengthen your understanding, and make connections between different subject matters.

Depending on your school, the number of explicit opportunities to pursue your passion may vary. Participate in anything your school offers in relation to your interests. If your school doesn’t have anything, take matters into your own hands by creating a space for those with the same vision as you. Be active. Be yourself. The best thing you can do in high school is start following a passion, not following others.

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Written by Kendra Seguin

Aspiring journalist and Price is Right contestant.

Instagram: @kendraseguin
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