Three Subjects that Should be Tackled in School

As youngsters, we spend most of our time in schools. There, we learn a variety of things– from mathematics to the various sciences and even skills as mundane as cooking, sewing, and simple carpentry. 

Indeed, schools have been very helpful in equipping us with skills that we need to succeed or at least be functional in our lives. However, there are still very important topics that need to be highlighted more. In this article, we identify and discuss three such topics.

Financial Literacy

It’s no secret that the workers of today earn a lot more than the workers of decades ago. This results in them having more cash to spare. However, the rise in income and wealth did not come with a rise in the knowledge of how to manage money. Many supposedly well-off individuals easily go broke just because of their bad decisions concerning money. It’s either they spend too much on things that they don’t need or they invest in ventures that are not viable. 

Because of all that, there is a need for prep school and other learning institutions to give more space for financial literacy in their programs. Money is going to be a ubiquitous thing for everyone, and we all must learn how to handle it. 

Mental Health

The current school curricula are so good at identifying illnesses that concern the physical body. They even discuss potential treatment plans and prevention measures. However, little is mentioned about mental health, which is something as important as physical health. It is perhaps because of this that many youngsters fall into depression quickly. They just don’t know how to shield their mental well-being from attacks from their external and internal worlds.

A good remedy to the current sadness that the younger generations feel is equipping them with the knowledge and skills to help weather the challenges of life more effectively. This can be done by simple lectures and workshops. Even just making a counselor or psychologist available in schools is already a huge step to reaching this goal.

Clear and Informative Writing

Writing seems to be the backbone of the current education system. Not one student has graduated without having to write essays, term papers, or even full-blown research papers. However, the type of writing that they learn is not really the type of writing that the world at large needs or at least understands. The current information-driven landscape demands simple and straightforward writing, not really the technical and smart-sounding style highlighted at school. Given this, there might be a need for future programs to also give importance to more conversational and informal types of writing such as those seen in blogs and other online publications that users use as quick references. 

Schools are undoubtedly very important tools for enculturation. In them, we learn how to be a good player in the community that we are in. As such, they must also be flexible with their programs. At the very least, they need to respond and adapt to the changing demands of the times.

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