Three Great Ideas for Lighting Your Kitchen

When it comes to lighting your home, the kitchen is one room that is really important. You spend a lot of time in there, and you need to be able to see what you’re doing when you’re preparing your food, so a well-lit kitchen is a must.

But beyond the functional aspects such as ensuring you have bright enough lighting to illuminate your hands while you chop veggies, there is plenty of scope for getting creative and adding personal touches too. The kitchen can be a really fun room to light, and we caught up with Lakeland Kitchens to bring you three of our favourite ideas to give you a little bit of inspiration.

Set the mood

Under cabinet lighting is common in many kitchens these days, as it is functional in allowing you to see your worktops that little bit better.

But rather than installing the standard tube lighting that we’re all used to, why not take things one step further and add some smart LED lighting such as the Philips Hue system? With their LED strip lighting you can create different scenes, and control them all via your smartphone or even Amazon Echo.

Whether you want bright lights to help you prep meals, or romantic lighting to eat by, you can pick and choose and get really creative.

You can even do really clever things like set your lights to remind you when your food is ready! Check out this article from Smart Home Solver for inspiration.

Make a statement

Adding a special touch to your kitchen can make a huge difference to the room, and statement lighting is a great way to achieve this.

We love the idea of adding an extravagant chandelier like this beautiful Elstead one from Oberoi Brothers, to really give the room that wow factor.

This will certainly impress any dinner guests you invite over, and if you’re a keen cook who spends a lot of time in the kitchen why not make the most of the space?

Light your cabinets

Glass cabinets can look brilliant if you light them internally. Not only does this help you see inside them, they almost become like wall lights.

Be sure to keep them tidy, of course, but this can be a great way to add a feature to the room, especially if your kitchen is rather minimalist but you want the ability to display the things you love as a statement. This could be anything from special plates to flowers in vases, whatever suits your home and your personality.

Having glass cabinets does mean that you can’t just shove the shelves full and you do have to put more thought into your storage, but it’s well worth it!

We hope this has given you some pointers when it comes to creative lighting ideas for the kitchen and making the most of the space! If you’re embarking upon a kitchen renovation project and need some inspiration, we love this gallery of before and after pictures from HGTV. It’s amazing what can be achieved, no matter what you started with.

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