Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart in a promotional photo for 'This Might Get.' Photo courtesy of Tubefilter.

Series Review: ‘This Might Get’ Is the Daily Variety Show Young Adults Deserve

Co-hosted by YouTube veterans Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig, “This Might Get” is a comedic variety show whose topics range from selfies to classy etiquette to using a drone to drop a Dorito in someone’s mouth.

The series has its own channel on YouTube and has gained more than 120,000 subscribers since the first episode aired a month ago on March 5, 2018. “This Might Get” is uploaded five times a week, Monday-Friday, and highlights the hosts’ personalities and comedy as they examine not only what is trendy today, but also ways that we can potentially better ourselves (see: their video on stress relief toys, for example).

Another interesting feature that Grace and Mamrie have in each episode is what they have dubbed Gratitude Problem. At the end of each episode the duo will showcase a piece of art that a fan has made of them or the show. They also provide the Twitter/Instagram handle of the fan artist so that viewers can go check out the artists’ other works.

While maybe marketed toward a young audience, “This Might Get” is perfect for young adults who grew up watching Grace and Mamrie throughout their YouTube tenure. They are always a delight, and we at Fuzzable find ourselves laughing out loud watching their episode of this new series.

The latest episode of “This Might Get” can be found in the video below:

Mamrie Hart can be found on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

Grace Helbig can be found on Instagram here and on Twitter here.

“This Might Get” can be found on Instagram here Twitter here. Art submissions for their Gratitude Problem segment are found using #ThisMightGet.

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