This is how REESE’s is helping parents this Halloween

REESE’s peanut butter cups — and bats, pumpkins, Christmas trees, and the whole lot — are the perfect treat, and they’ve beloved by people the world over. They’re lauded on Halloween as one of the best candies to receive while trick-or-treating, but one major issue arises each year: Parents need sweet treats on All Hallow’s Eve, too!

Thankfully, REESE’s knows this, and they’ve derived the perfect plan for parents to get their own fill of sweet goodness. After all, parents may be adults and mature, but they deserve a midnight snack or a guiltless dive into the freezer at times, too. To this end, people can text the word “Confess” to 64827 to receive a BOGO discount code for REESE’s ice cream products.

This text offer can be redeemed until Friday, November 5, though items bought after October 31 will not qualify. But what can you purchase with your BOGO discount? Well, you can choose REESE’s Klondike bars or 48 oz. tubs of REESE’s-flavored Breyers ice cream, and you can mix and match them, too, meaning you can have both handheld and scoopable ice cream options on hand for all of your Halloween night craving needs. Personally, we’re looking forward to getting one of each, but we won’t tell if you double up on one of them.

The Klondike bars are suggested to retail for $3.29, and the Breyers ice cream tubs are suggested to retail for $3.99. However, with this BOGO discount, you’ll only pay a few dollars for one and leave the store happy campers.

Once you text the code “Confess” to 64827, you simply follow its short prompts and then receive the BOGO code. It’s that easy! And it will leave the whole house happy and satiated.

So, which bone-chilling products will you be indulging in this Halloween season? Tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your REESE’s-induced love and thoughts!

Written by Preston Smith

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