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Things to consider when choosing a post-secondary school

As the winter months of the new year pass and anticipation in the air heightens, universities and colleges send out letters of acceptance to eager students looking to take on a new educational endeavor in the fall. Getting accepted into a post-secondary institution is a great accomplishment that should make students feel proud. However, saying “yes” to a school is almost as hard as applying to a school in the first place. This difficulty may be elevated for students who have been accepted into more than one institution. There are many factors to take into account when accepting a school’s offer of admission. To help ease the overwhelming nature of this decision, Fuzzable has compiled a list of things to consider when selecting a post-secondary school.


Every school offers different programs with specific opportunities that may interest students at varying levels. For students who applied and got accepted into multiple schools, each with a different program, the question to consider is fairly simple: which program is of most interest? Students must think about where their passion lies and use that to guide them to the right place.

It becomes trickier when students get accepted into multiple post-secondary institutions for the same program. In such a case, be sure to do research on the unique opportunities that each school’s program provides. This can include internships, hands-on experience, and collaborative work.

It is also important to consider the overall time frame of each program. Some programs are two years with a diploma, while others are four years with a degree, and so on. Students should consider how long they would like to be enrolled in school as well as the requirements needed for jobs afterwards.


One of the most important things students need to think about when selecting a school is where they will live. Do they want to stay at home, do they want to live in residence, or do they want to live near the school either alone or with roommates?

There are different pros and cons of each housing option. For example, living at home will be familiar and will reduce cost, but may result in a long commute to and from campus. Living in residence allows for opportunities to make friends and usually means students can wake up 15 minutes before class and will still get there on time. However, it may be costly. Living alone or with roommates can be a big step towards independence and responsibility, but it may end up requiring more maintenance.

Students should think about everything that comes along with each housing option and should consider what they will be capable of doing while in school.


Although not exactly fun to talk about, money tends to be a key factor in choosing a school. Students must do their research on the cost of post-secondary institutions, considering tuition, books, housing, travel, and more.

To help alleviate costs, take into account the different entry scholarships available from each school, as well as look into local scholarships and loans that can be applied.

For students considering getting a job during the school year to help pay for costs, they need to be sure it is something they can healthily handle. It may be a good idea to look at the program’s course calendar to see how many classes will be taken each semester, then realistically look at how much free time will be available.

Personal Values

Overall, the school a student chooses should come down to their personal values. Think about what matters most. If it is independence and trying something new, maybe moving to a school far away from home is the right choice. If getting into the workforce early is a priority, then choosing a shorter college program may be better than pursuing a university degree.

Ultimately, a student will be the one experiencing post-secondary school for a number of years and should make the decision that, in their heart, simply feels right.

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Written by Kendra Seguin

Aspiring journalist and Price is Right contestant.

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