Minion and Spider-Man Popsicles

These new Popsicle treats make Halloween even sweeter than usual

Halloween is almost here, and the Popsicle brand is ready to make this year’s sweeter than ever. Everyone loves candy on All Hallow’s Eve, but sometimes you need something icier, something more refreshing — and Popsicle is here to save the day.

These new treats are fruit-flavored and perfect for the end of Halloween night after you’ve been trick-or-treating for hours or partying until the sun rises. In fact, they’re great to eat as party treats, too! What makes these treats even more perfect for this holiday season is their appearance. One of the new popsicles is modeled after Spider-Man, everyone’s favorite neighborhood vigilante, and the other after a Minion from the “Despicable Me” film franchise.

The Minion treat is blue and yellow like its namesake creature and tastes like strawberry, banana, and blue raspberry, which combine into a delightful sweet and tart sensation. Meanwhile, the Spider-Man treat tastes like blue raspberry, strawberry, and lime, and it emulates the iconic red, blue, and white visage of New York’s friendly web-slinger. A touch of blue on Spider-Man’s face color coordinates with the blue on the Minion ‘sicles, unifying these treats as perfect one-two punch of sweet and sour refreshments.

If you’re dressing as Spider-Man or a Minion, these popsicles are a perfect accompaniment to your costume, and even if you’re not, who doesn’t want to try something new, especially when it’s themed and limited time?

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Written by Preston Smith

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