The Worst Book Slump of My Life

I wish book slumps weren’t a thing.

Like, I wish that the books sitting on my desk would be enough motivation. I wish that my extensive list of to-be-reads on Goodreads would be enough to have me grabbing my next read. I wish, I wish, I wish.

Sadly — and sadly might not be the strongest word I can use here — things don’t work out that way sometimes. I mean: how hard is it to grab a book, sit down on my bed and actually read it. The answer? Pretty hard.

I bought a couple of books a week or so ago (pay day is a blessing, friends). And I remember walking into Barnes and Noble and being completely stupefied by the insane amount of books I have yet to read. And I remember taking photos of books for my bookstagram. And then I remember that feeling of existentialism I had when I remembered that there is at least one new book released every single day that I could be reading but that I’ll probably never get to read.

And then I realized I was in a slump.

A heavy, burdening reading slump that makes me feel terrible about myself. There have been so many moments where I could have easily picked up a book. All of those small amounts of time could have led me to completing at least three books over the course of my two-month slump.

But did I actually read anything? Nothing worth mentioning — there was lots of economics reading (college is tough, friends).

And now that things have finally begun to settle, I’m still stuck here with this horrible slump. I don’t want to say that I have more free time than I did in those first few days of classes, but I’d like to think that I have more abilities to get things read.

I want to read a book a day again. I want to read the days away. I want to write reviews. I want to take pretty photos of books. I want people to ask for my opinion on a book. I want this slump to end. 

And so, I’m asking — here and now — that if any of you find yourself with tips and tricks to ending a reading slump: send them my way. HELP ME. Because I just want to make my TBR pile go away — I want to be able to enjoy the books I buy and not have them stare at me accusingly when I walk into my room. I want to be able to say I got out of this slump.

I managed to finish one book in the two months I’ve been in a slump. And even then, it probably doesn’t count. I had read half of it in July — when this slump was nonexistent.

Thank you for your time. Let’s hope this slump goes away. Let us solve this mess together.

Written by gloria

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