The V&A: Video Game Exhibition (What to Expect)

Here at Fuzzable, we are beginning to explore the world of gaming, what it’s about, why people love it so much and why it’s so popular. What a better way to do this than to check out the Video Game Exhibition at the newly open V&A in Dundee!

The Victoria and Albert Museum was established in 1852 in London and is frequently visited by many a tourist and Londoner today. In mid-September of 2018 the V&A was opened to the people of Dundee right next to the Discovery, another historical gem of the City. Many Exhibitions have been opened to the public within the museum for a small fee in London and have been brought to the Dundee museum also, the most recent being the Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt Exhibition, opening in the Dundee museum on the 20th of April, we are going to talk about this today here at Fuzzable!

The exhibition itself is small yet memorable, having displays on game design, gameplay and full process of making a game. The exhibition was not shy in showing off some incredibly popular games, for example, Splatoon. A personal highlight of the Exhibition was having a whole section of the museum dedicated to Naughty Dog’s smash hit game “The Last of Us” This part of the exhibition showed gamers the original sketches of the main characters Ellie and Joel, an overall storyboard of the seasons and what happened in each one throughout the pair’s journey. It also showed off how the game was made entirely in Motion Capture, and how the dynamics of Ellie and Joel’s relationships were created.

There was a big section where visitors where shown how views of gaming was changed, for example “Why is Gaming so White” this showed pieces from Mafia III, where the main character was a mixed raced man from Louisiana in the late 1960s, we think they were trying to show that so much can be done with a storyline set on a time where mixed races were so taboo at the time.

At the very end of the exhibition, there is an area where the visitors can sit and play on some very retro looking arcade games, although a lot of the games weren’t immediately recognisable to some, we believe they were mainly there to show the different mechanics in games, how some can be more story is driven and action packed where others can be more laid back and focused on the choices that the player makes

If you are a hardcore gamer we believe this exhibition is definitely worth a look at. We don’t know why it was put in a museum that was built in honour of two of the best-loved royals, but we do hope in future that there will be a whole museum dedicated to the gaming industry, and show on a full spectrum how gaming started, how the very first game was created and just a general evolution, from Pac-Man arcade-style games to PS4 and Xbox One games. There is such a wide range of things that can be covered.

As we said before, hardcore gamers definitely check out the V&A Dundee exhibition, for tickets to the event check out here.

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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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