The ultimate website to help you build your own Christmas binge-watch list

Need help finding the perfect Christmas movie to watch this season? A website has been created where you can create your own personal Christmas binge-watching list from a series of pre-selected Christmas movies and TV specials!

The team at SlotsUp have created a website which features a whole host of different Christmas movies, TV specials and TV episodes spanning from the 1940s until the present day – and you can use this selection to create your own personal list of must-watches this Christmas. There is a variety of different movies and TV specials from different decades to choose from – from black and white classics to animated specials.

A screenshot of the website showing some of the Christmas movies on offer

SlotsUp analysed IMDB data from the 1950s and the 2010s as part of their research into Christmas TV to create the website. They also looked at the user rating and number of votes to find the highest rated films and shows to feature on the site.

You can expect to see some classic Christmas movies featured, such as It’s a Wonderful Life (1946), Gremlins (1984), Home Alone (1990) and Elf (2003). And on the TV side, TV specials such as A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), Merry Christmas Mr. Bean (1992) and Shrek the Halls (2007) also appear, as well as festive episodes of popular TV shows such as Friends, The Simpsons and Doctor Who.

The site will hopefully give you some ideas as to what to watch this Christmas, and help you to plan a list that will help you to make the most out of the holidays! And you don’t have to watch them all in one go – plan accordingly so you have one movie/special to watch per day etc. depending on how much time you have.

And we don’t expect anyone to be able to watch all of the movies and special on offer – so if you do make a list, pick the ones you like the most/are most interested in watching.

The website also includes links to streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, so site visitors can choose movies and shows to watch directly from a service of their choice.

If you want to check out the Christmas binge-watching website for yourself, then click here. And if you have any other suggestions for Christmas movies and TV specials you would like to see added, then feel free to contact the site owners.

Let us know what your favourite Christmas movie or TV special is over on Twitter @Fuzzable!

Written by Isla Williams

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