The Top Waterproof Foundation Makeup Products You Need this Summer

Summer, the one season we all look forward to as we sit tight in our winter clothes. Well, summer is here, and as much as we enjoy the sun, warmth, and the beach – our makeup goes through the ultimate crash test. It might take a few tries to properly take it off at the end of the day, but humidity and high temperatures are more than enough to ruin even the most professionally applied facial makeup within a few minutes. Strange right? Thankfully this isn’t a huge problem anymore because some of the best makeup brands have provided us with the best foundation makeup that work miracles. In case you haven’t tried these innovative formulas before, we gathered a list of the top 5 waterproof foundations to help you make up your mind.

Whether you are laying at the beach drinking your favorite cocktail or rushing to go to work 5 mins earlier, a lightweight foundation that melts in your skin instead of sitting on top of it is going to change your life. While older formulas used to leave your face looking cakey and oily the new, long-wear formulas contain super hydrating ingredients, like glycerin, that can be worn for hours – yes even on dry skin.

How to choose the right water-resistant foundation for you?

Silicone is your new weapon against clogged pores. Known for its ability to create the long-lasting effect we all look for in foundation makeup, silicone will keep your skin hydrated and moisturized during summer.

Pay attention to SPF. Due to high temperatures and humidity sunscreen needs to be applied regularly to avoid any skin damage. Even though SPF foundations cannot guarantee 100% sun protection they can work on the side if applied on top of your face sunscreen for maximum results.

Look for keywords such as “oil-free” and “matte finish”. Especially for people with acne-prone skin oils can cause extra damage. Most sweat-proof foundation formulas are oil-free but you can never be too careful. Read through the list to ensure that you are getting the right product for your skin’s needs – we don’t need to look greasy, right?

Our Foundation Makeup Product Recommendations:

1/ Infallible 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation by L’Oréal

The perfect waterproof foundation won’t just prevent you from looking sweaty, it will also work as a boost to your skincare routine. Infallible by L’Oreal promises to keep your skin safe from hazardous UV lights throughout the day with its lightweight, easy to blend formula. It looks natural on the skin and doesn’t transfer around.

2/ ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin SPF 15 by Revlon

This miracle drugstore product is not only budget-friendly – available for just $13 – it also offers oil control, SPF protection, and a semi-matte – but super long-lasting finish. Easy to blend and perfect for covering uneven tones and blemishes. What more can we ask?

3/ Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation by NYX

With more than 40+ shades we promise you will find the perfect shade to match your sun-kissed skin. Nyx Can’t Stop Won’t Stop is definitely amongst the top waterproof foundations on the market. Its mate coverage can last up to 24 hours without feeling thick on the skin.

4/ Water Blend Face & Body Foundation by Makeup For Ever

Summer is all about spending as much time as you can in the water, why not have a foundation that can do just that, too? The Water Blend by Makeup forever ‘s formula contains 80% water. Its gel texture assures the perfect lightweight, medium coverage effect for those of us who wish to quickly color correct our skin. “The MUFE Waterblend foundation is now my everyday go-to! I have used this in very humid weather (tropical), swimming, walking in humid (tropical) weather and it did not fail!” says a Sephora user about the product.

5/ Studio Skin 15 Hour Hydrating Foundation by Smashbox

If you are especially active in the heat Studio Skin 15 hours hydrating foundation was made for you. With more than 30+ shades and H20 protection this formula is liquid gold. Packed with hydrating, color correcting abilities, it will work wonder even on oily skin.

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Written by Monella

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