The thing about being “too kind”

For most of my life, it’s what I’ve kept hearing- that I’m “too kind”, “too good”, “too respectful”, “too nice”, “too polite”,… And believe it or not, most people mean that in a bad way. Which is still baffling to me.


I don’t know what drove me to be kind. It’s not something that I have to think about. It’s not something that I have to decide to do. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always acted this way. And the truth is, I’ve never regretted it. You see, the thing is that you can never feel bad for being a good person. You may think that some people didn’t deserve your kindness (and that may actually be the case), but at the end of the day you can go to sleep knowing that you’ve done no harm to anyone. How many people have that privilege?

Being “too kind” should never count as a disadvantage.

You should always be polite to waiter, you should always smile at the grumpy lady behind the cash register, you should always help out your friends if you’re able to, you should always tell someone they look good in their outfit if you think so, you should always rush to pick up the pencil your friend dropped, you should always say “please” and especially “thank you”. You should always be kind for the sole purpose of being kind.

Why? That’s a stupid question. Why do you need a reason to be kind? Why do I have to sit here and list reasons for you to smile at the grumpy lady behind the cash register. What do you have to lose? You’ll feel good, and the lady may feel a bit less grumpier. For another reason, the world really is a bad place. And I feel like we’ve all been in a situation where a simple act of kindness has been the highlight of our day. It’s as simple as getting a compliment on your style, or someone offering their seat to you. It makes both parties feel good. And that is something that we should strive for in this bad world.

Leave the mean business to the mean people. Let them be whoever they want to be, let them act anyway they want, and let them face the consequences. Because we all know that everything comes back around. No matter if it comes today, or tomorrow, or thirty years from now. Because there are billions of stories of people who’ve regretted being mean, and not a single true one about someone being too nice.

And yes, being nice does mean that people will often try to take advantage of your good nature. More often than not, you’ll let them do it. But the absolute truth is that you should not feel bad for letting yourself get manipulated, because you’re not the one who did it. You shouldn’t allow yourself to think that you’re weak or that you’re worth any less simply because “you let yourself get manipulated”. And why? Because you didn’t do anything wrong. The blame shouldn’t be on you, it should be on the person who messed with you. And I think that that’s something we all tend to forget.

It is very hard to be nice these days, but I promise you that it’s always worth it. And why? Because, your soul stays pure during the process.

The bad people will get what they deserve in the end, this I also promise you.

Do it. Be the “too kind” person. It’s the best possible disadvantage you can have. If the only thing wrong with you is that you’re too kind, then there’s nothing wrong with you whatsoever.

Written by Azra

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