The Rozabal Line: A Theological Thriller

The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi
The Rozabal Line by Ashwin Sanghi

The Rozabal Line is Sanghi’s debut novel. At first, the book might seem very confusing with varied dates across centuries and places all holding historical importance. But as you progress, it becomes an International thriller packed with action and adventures.

The story follows the strange visions of Father Vincent Sinclair. Gripped with curiosity he sets out to find answers. His journey  breaks all pre-conceived notions about faith. It is through this journey that the reader uncovers the plots one by one and ultimately reaches the Truth.Torn between the will to discover the secret behind his tormenting visions and  ideas that make him question faith, Father Vincent Sinclair finds himself drawn towards a vicious circle of the past.  A circle of International assassinations and a deadly secret which would shake the very foundations of present day theology and mysticism.

The Rozabal Line has various subplots operating in the story portraying hidden secrets, deathly strategies and devastating conquests. At some point of time these subplots might seem completely unnecessary but one must not judge the book till the last pages have been read. The relevance of International subplots and multi-religious associations cannot be forgotten. Sometimes it is used to highlight personalities of various characters in the book. At other times it shows the significance of certain world incidents which have changed the way people think and look at the world today. Certain incidents might seem very familiar to real life incidents but this book should be read from the point-of-view of a fiction only.

What is most striking is the amalgamation of various religions and their holy texts  to build up a clean plot in The Rozabal Line. Care has been taken to not hurt the sentiments of any sects. This proves the thorough research the author had to undertake in order to produce such a masterpiece. Quotations from various religious scriptures have been rightly used before serious actions take place in the plots. This draws a parallel between what happened years ago and a manufactured replica of similar events in modern day setting. 

At the end of it all, the pages of pagan worship, Christian faith, Buddhist symbolism, Islamic philosophies, all culminate to the worship of the Trinity. The concept of Trinity is  an origin of the Hindu Mythology but the author incorporates it into an internationally woven background of events. This trinity becomes the center of a chain of actions and reactions going around in the World and around Father Sinclair.

To conclude, I would say that the The Rozabal Line is a gripping tale across eras and religions. As one delves deeper into the story, the clouds of confusion clears away and a justification is found for every action. Thus, it is rightly said by the critics that Dan Brown has found an Indian counterpart in Ashwin Sanghi.

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