The Popstars Guide To A Perfect Cover Song..

When an artist covers a song it can go one of three ways; the artist covers the track and it sounds almost identical to the original, the artist changes the cover and it sounds terrible or it can be magical. We love listening to our favourite artists taking on classic tracks from other artists and changing the song to sound like their own song but with the same emotion as when the song was originally performed. We’ve decided to bring you some of our favourite musicians making this cover magic.

Harry Styles covering Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain

Fleetwood Mac were giants back in all of our parents younger years, and Harry has cited that he was a fan and inspired by the group, so when Harry stepped into BBC Radio Ones Live Lounge he paid tribute to Fleetwood Mac with his soulful rendition of their hit ‘The Chain’. Harry’stone and playing guitar is everything.

 Little Mix covering Katy Perry- ET.

To celebrate the bands 4th birthday, the girls did a live stream and performed the Katy x Kanye smash hit that gained them so much attention during their Xfactor days. Their voices have matured so much.

Ariana Grande covering Whitney Houston- I Have Nothing

This is a little bit of a throw back, but the worlds princess took on one of the biggest songs from the biggest artists ever and added her own beautiful twists. She looked at total ease singing in front of the president. We love you Ari.

Conor Maynard and Alex Aiono – 24K Magic Mash Up

What happens when you mix the British cover king with his american equivalent? Magic. Conor created this amazing mash up with Alex Aiono and featured some of the most popular RnB songs from over the past 30 years. We can’t decide who is our favourite singer.

Demi Lovato covering Ed Sheeran- Give Me Love.

This is the perfect example of an artist taking an already perfect song and making it their own. Demi gives the Ed classic a whole new feel and you can just see how she pours every bit of her heart into performing.

Nathan Sykes covering Drake – Hotline Bling

Nathan is known for his powerful voice, ballads and creating pop with a jazzy pop feel to it. So when Nathan covered Drakes Hotline Bling everyone was in a sate of confusion, but Nathan took everything we knew about the song and threw it out of the window and made the tune sound like a smooth ballad. A stroke of genius.

Ed Sheeran covering Christina Aguilera-Dirrty

Ed may be the most covered artist of all time, but when it comes to him covering, his song of choice is the classic Xtina anthem.We’d love to know which form of magic Ed uses to make any song sound like it could be a wedding first dance song.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our run down of some of the greatest stars covering some of the greatest songs ever. We’d really love to know which is your favourite; tweet us @Fuzzable 

Written by Niki

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