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The Perfect Lipstick Colors for Brunettes

They say, it’s not really the choice or decision that is complicated, but the human mind. When one is presented with a plethora of choices, it’s natural to feel confused and overwhelmed. We encounter this feeling of perplexity in smallest of situations. Make up for instance.

While it goes without saying that one has a choice to adorn whatever they like but going for the right combination just adds to the magic. There are zillions of shades available for a lipstick lover but to be able to select the best one is actually an art.

Today, Fuzzable will try to help you pick right lipstick shade on the basis of your hair colour. In this piece, we will be talking about women with brunette hair.

Shades of Red

Brunette is the kind of color that allows women to experiment the most with lipstick shades because the color works well with toughest of shades including red. If you have brunette hair and lighter skin tone, we recommend a Scarlet shade. This shade will help enhance your facial features and adorn a confident look.

If you have brunette hair and dark skin tone, you can go for dark red lip shade.

Aiming for Moderation

Women with medium skin tone should take rest and pick whatever they want. Be it a subtle style or bold look, they can rock anything.

If you too are one of them, we recommend experiment with medium shades. Try the medium or lighter shade and see which one suit your lips the best.

How about Orange?

When one thinks of lipstick shades, colours like red and pink immediately come to mind. Also, the idea of going beyond ordinary shades is often frightening for women. Well, women with brunette hair are quite lucky in this regard.

They can not only think beyond pink but actually experiment with most unusual shades. If you are a woman with brunette hair and dark skin, you can try shades of dark orange or chocolate. Now that we have given you the choices, why not try and go beyond your comfort zone?


Which lipstick shade is your favorite? Tweet us at @Fuzzable and let us know! You can also find the perfect colors for redheads, blondes, and black hair!

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