The Nth Degree Club book launches it’s 7th edition with some very exciting announcements

The 7th edition of the Nth Degree Club book has been released with an extremely luxurious drinks reception and lunch at Claridge’s hotel.

The setting for the reception highlighting everything that makes the Nth Degree Club, a must-read guide for anyone who loves luxury and is a foodie and appreciates a restaurant that caters for those who like the private dining experience.

The Nth Degree Club is passionate about connecting influential people through unique dining experiences in prestigious locations around the world. The Club is the brainchild of Robert Walton MBE, a recognised and respected figure in the hospitality industry and President of the Restaurant Association of Great Britain. Having trained as a West-End chef himself, Robert has the unique hands-on experience and insider knowledge needed to create The Nth Degree Club.

The book launch and annual Christmas lunch at Claridge’s was the perfect place for the Nth club to make some exciting announcements.

Commencing December 2019, the Tatler Address Book has partnered with The Nth Degree Club to create the most exciting and high-profile restaurant directory.

Nth Degree Club
The Nth Degree Club Founder Robert Walton MBE

The partnership will combine Tatler’s exclusive and rigorous editorial process with The Club’s premium hospitality contacts to expand the Tatler Address Book, the ultimate guide to The Best of Everything.

The Tatler Address Book is the definitive online lifestyle directory recommending the finest cosmetic doctors, luxury spas, hotels, restaurants and High Net Worth professionals – all with the Tatler seal of approval.

As part of the new media partnership, they announced the new Tatler Restaurant Awards which will be launching in 2020. Hosted by The Nth Degree Club, the Tatler Restaurant Awards will be the biggest and most glamorous restaurant awards and a calendar highlight for Restaurateurs, Chefs and Restaurants. Only Tatler Address Book members will be eligible to be nominated and win an award.


You can find out more about the Nth Degree club here.

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