The History of Diamond Jewellery 

We are all aware that diamonds have existed for a much longer period of time than humans, but when were they initially discovered? Diamonds are one of the most intriguing gemstones on the planet and have a very extensive and fascinating history that dates back to when dinosaurs roamed our planet. Diamonds are the greatest expression of love, and symbolises dedication, romance and commitment. Why not get your loved one a beautiful diamond necklace to show how much you love and appreciate them? 

The History of the Diamond industry 

It is thought that the first diamond mine ever existed in India, the stones were prized at this period not for their aesthetic qualities but more for their capacity to reflect light and brighten up a room. They were believed to be talismans, which is an object with perceived magical powers to heel and protect individuals – they also made great decorations. Diamonds have been sought for a variety of reasons over the years, and during the Dark Ages, people thought they possessed therapeutic characteristics. As they developed into a valuable item during the Middle Ages, diamonds came to be tied with the romantic new concept of engagement and marriage. Gradually they have spread across the world, to becoming the famous gem that we all know today. 

Diamonds in the Jewellery world 

As soon as the art of cutting diamonds was perfected, the role of diamonds in society changed drastically. Claw and prong settings were first used to hold diamonds in exquisite jewellery and diamond rings in the 1600s. Diamonds are the perfect stone for jewellery, especially engagement rings, because they are considered to symbolise eternity and loyalty to their receivers, even though they are no longer believed to have healing or protective properties. Not only diamonds are viewed as prestigious and are highly sort after, making them great investments.  

The Diamonds are Forever Campaign 

Diamond prices fell significantly throughout the 1930s, and engagement rings were regarded as a luxury item that hardly ever included diamonds. To alter the perception of diamonds in America, De Beers hired N.W. Ayer & Sons in 1938, the country’s first advertising firm. They gave Hollywood celebrities diamond rings and pushed tabloids to print and share articles of how diamonds represented love. A new era in diamond purchasing and the idea of diamonds as a memorial to love were established in 1947 when DeBeers first used the term “A Diamond is Forever”, which is now a global campaign. When purchasing diamonds, many apply the 4 C’s – colour, clarity, cut, and carat. These have come to represent an international standard for judging the quality of every diamond, no matter where it is found or originates. 


Written by Monella

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