The Guide to Taking A Vacation to Glacial Park

Snow-clad mountains, turquoise lake, bright blue skies, numerous hiking trails, and wildlife are what you will be witnessing in Glacier Park.

The glacial park is one of the paradisiacal places, and if you are planning to visit this, you will need the american esta visa approved. Getting the ESTA visa can be quick if you have decided to travel at the eleventh hour.

It takes about a day to get your visa accepted provided you have given the details right. Whether it is for business or travel, you can apply and travel to Glacier National Park without any hassle and get the visa approved in no time.

How do you Avoid Crowds in Glacier National Park

Visiting Glacial National Park when it is too crowded can hamper your travel experience. So, a trip to this gorgeous place should be taken when the city is sleeping, as it is the right time to capture some of the best moments and picturesque views.

Take the road less traveled and go early in the morning to watch the sunset. It is when there are fewer to no people where you can admire the sweeping scene of this beauty. The park is also home to numerous wildlife and wildflowers.

You can catch a glimpse of it when you are traveling at this hour. Since it is a busy, bustling place throughout the day, waking up a little early, you can avoid the crowd and enjoy the pleasant weather.

Glacier National Park Fees

The entrance fee varies based on whether you are traveling in a private vehicle, motorcycle, foot, bicycle. However, the winter fees are lower when compared to the summer fees, but it is a 7-day permit either way.

Below are the prices based on the type of travel to Glacier National Park.

  • $35, if you are going by a private vehicle. (Winter Rate – $25)
  • $20, if you are traveling individually. (Winter Rate – $15)
  • $30, If you are going by motorcycle. (Winter Rate – $20)

You can also get an annual pass priced at $50 or $70 which is park specific. if you are someone who wishes to visit this park to watch its beauty over again every time with your friends or family, you can avail the annual pass and become a member.

Glacier Peaks Hotel

Glacier Peaks Hotel is just 12 miles away from Glacier Park. You can stay here as it is one of the best and the nearest hotels around the park. This hotel offers plenty of amenities such as the swimming pool, fitness center, and more with the five-star feel.

You can relax here after a tiring hike in the park and enjoy at the casino or have a hearty meal at the buffet. The hotel provides customers with the best services and accommodations to all the tourists.

If you’re on a search to find some of the best hotels near the park, then Glacier Peaks Hotel will be the right choice for you as it is one of the nearest hotel offering plenty of things all at one place.

What is the Closest Town to Glacier National Park

Columbia Falls is one of the closest towns to Glacial National Park. It is known as the “Gateway to Glacier” and is about a few minutes’ drive to the park.

With the increased number of tourists moving past the city, outdoor activities are popular here and it serves as the entry point to the exquisite park. You can spend a night here and wake up early in the morning to watch the sunrise.

The peak season is July and August due to the warm weather, but if you wish to visit when there is less crowd, this city is the best place to stay overnight and enjoy the morning with a hot cup of coffee and a pleasant weather. It is one of those places that you would like to visit, no matter when you want to go.

Summing it Up

Glacial National Park is the most breathtaking parks with glassed glaciers and mountain vistas. If you have applied for the ESTA visa, esta status check allows you to check if your application is approved or not.

Applying for the ESTA visa is effortless, and all it takes is to enter your details online and wait for the status for a day or two. In no time, you can get your visa and travel to one of the most stunning places on earth and have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

With the visa, you can travel inter-state for a maximum of three months only if you are sole purpose is to travel for business or sightseeing.

Written by Monella

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