The Classic Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Just as there are basic essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe, there’s several classic dresses whether comfy or formal to add to your closet.

 Since 1784 women’s fashion has been evolving dramatically, so that the wardrobes of today are nothing like they used to be.

But amid all this change a few classic pieces remain constant. And your wardrobe shouldn’t be without them!

Not familiar with the classic types of women’s dresses you should hold onto?

Well, that’s where we can help. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the classic dresses every woman should own!

One of the Most Classic Dresses of All Time: The LBD

In 1926, Coco Chanel created fashion history with her invention of the original Little Black Dress or LBD. And it has truly stood the test of time.

Over the years there have been many different reimaginings of the LBD. These often combine fashion trends of the time with the flattering black color scheme.

For example, in the 1920s some LBDs were in line with the flapper style of the decade. While the 1960s favored an icon super-short skirt with collar detail. Whichever style you choose you can’t go wrong with an LBD.

Black will flatter you no matter what your body shape. And it can guarantee you’ll look chic wherever you go.

On a summer’s day, team your LBD with sunglasses and sandals for a laid back, elegant look. Or dress it up with an up hair-do and jewelry.

Go for a more unique design to make a statement with your LBD or keep it timeless with a simple cut. Either way, if the dress is little and black, you need it in your wardrobe!

The Sweater Dress

Knitted dresses are often underrated, which means you might miss them out of your wardrobe. But this staple piece is both practical and flattering. 

These kind of dresses are a must-have in your fall and winter wardrobe. They are a great alternative to a plain jumper and jeans combination. And they’ll keep you warm while you’re out on the go.

Sweater dresses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you want to keep it simple, go for a fitted dress in autumn or neutral tones. This makes it easy to pair with tights or jackets.

But if you’re feeling more adventurous you can experiment with styles or colors. Longer or baggy sweater dresses can give your outfit an edge when paired with the right boot and scarf combination. Or choose a vibrant color or pattern for your sweater dress to stand out from the crowd.

Whichever way you choose to go, you don’t need to overdress this piece to look effortlessly cool in winter.

The Simple Tea Dress

The simple tea dress owes everything to some of the most classic women’s dresses. Think about Rachel McAdams in ‘The Notebook’, that’s a classic tea dress look.

They’re the perfect casual dress for a summer’s day. Or you can pair them with tights and layers in the winter for a warmer look.

The mid-thigh length, fitted waist, and short sleeves mean they’re extremely flattering. And this means you can experiment to your heart’s content with colors and patterns.

For an understated look go for a darker shade or a simple print. Or brighten up your summer wardrobe with a bold print. The simplicity of the dress means they’re perfect for a bold print that won’t overpower you.

Some styles also feature unique details, such as buttons, collars or ruched shoulders. Shop around to find your favorite.

The Ready-to-Layer Dress

This is another great staple for winter. It’s the perfect way of keeping warm while looking put together. And there are loads of ways to do it.

Pinafore or dungaree dresses are staples when it comes to layering. You can team them with shirts, turtle necks or T-shirts to create variety in your wardrobe. This means one single piece offers you multiple outfit possibilities.

You can also dial up the warmth-factor by wearing them with tights and snug winter coats. Ready-to-layer dresses are real ensemble pieces.

For a fun, playful look go for a short length in denim or corduroy. But for bolder elegance, you can layer neutral tones with mid-length, fitted dresses.

The Fun and Floral Dress

Let’s talk about prints.

Not everyone is a ‘bold print’ kind of person, and that’s fine. When it comes to fashion always wear something you feel comfortable in. But everyone should own at least one floral dress.

These beautiful pieces are extremely versatile and there’s a huge variety out there. Whether you want to dial it up with bold colors or keep it cool in pastels and minimal detail there’s a floral out there for you.

As always, light colors are ideal for summer, while you can pair darker tones with tights for the winter. A floral summer dress is the perfect choice for any wedding guest.

Like the LBD, you can dress a floral print up or down. Let it do the work for a casual look with minimal accessories. Or pair it with elegant heels for a party-ready look.

The Dress to Impress

This is your statement piece. It should be something you feel absolutely unstoppable in. It’s the best dress for a girl who wants to wow the crowds.

This is your belle of the ball gown, so choose something that compliments you. Dressing to impress is as much about making you feel amazing, as it is about impressing other people. The confidence a dress gives you will speak volumes.

Go for your favorite tones and necklines. If you want glitz and glamor – go for it! Or if you want to stick with a more classic style this can be just as striking. Sometimes less can be more, so find the right balance for you.

The Maxi Dress

Last but certainly not least, we have the maxi dress. Unlike your dress to impress, this should be a casual look.

Maxi dresses are a great way of looking amazing with minimal effort. Pair them with sandals and a wide-brimmed hat for a laid back summer look.

And you can use them to play around with patterns as well. Just remember – if you opt for a bold pattern, go for a simple cut. This creates balance in your outfit and will stop you looking overdressed.

So There You Have It!

Fill your wardrobe with these classic dresses and you can’t go far wrong.

And don’t forget to accessorize. The right pieces can completely overhaul your look and make it feel like your wardrobe is twice the size! Read the rest of our fashion articles for even more style inspiration. 

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