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The best rings for Southern and Country weddings

Ove the past 8 Years the trend for Southern and or Country weddings is through the roof with everybody looking at many different accents and decors to make it the perfect country girl or southern bridal wedding. One of the hottest trends is with the Camouflage Wedding rings. Right away most people think that these are just for the men but they are not more and more couples are getting the camouflage wedding rings sets that have both the men’s and womens matching ring set.

There are many different colors and patterns to choose from especially from those that love all the different types of hunting. The tree or outdoors patterns by Mossy Oak and Realtree as well as Huntress are all top sellers. The different camo patterns are marsh or tree and both of these have different color options available. The outdoor tree and leaf pattern that is so famous for those that hunt is available in blaze orange, a deep red that is almost maroon or wine colored. Snow white camouflage is a top seller during the winter months and there is also purple and the traditional green that also looks brown to the customer. All of these are available in men’s and women’s. There is also pink which is one of the hottest colors and often paired with the men’s traditional green camouflage.

These are also available with different metal types as well as half sizes that range from 4 all the way up to 11 for women. And 7 all the way up to 16 for men. Once again they are all available in half sizes as well.

The different metals that are available are tungsten in silver or black color and also the titanium steel that is also available in black or silver. The shine and the essence of both metals is sterling. Warranties range from 5 to 15 years. Since the camouflage is an inlay the warranty on the inlay rings is 5 years.

All of these rings are priced under $100 and many sets are under $100. Check out the prices and styles of the different wedding, engagement and even promise rings that are available to the country and southern women and men, couples that want to make their wedding a country or southern one.

Written by Monella

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