The best gifts to give your tech-loving boyfriend this summer

Finding the appropriate cool gadget as a present can pose a bit of a challenge. Generally, this is an area you can easily get lost if you are not into tech.  

After all, not everyone stays up to speed with the latest technological inventions, not mention that it might be difficult to differentiate between the “cool” and the “uncool”. The best gadgets for men should have a close correlation with their hobbies or passions.

For instance, if he loves music, get him something that is music-related. If you are not sure of what gift to get your tech-loving boyfriend on your oncoming anniversary, consider these two wonderful choices.

A Drone!

Drones are all the rage in the tech community! What makes them so exciting to geeks is that they have incredible multi-functionality. You wouldn’t be able to exhaust ways in which one can have fun with a drone if you started counting the fingers on both hands.

Whether it is to snap amazing photos or record videos on his next adventure, a drone is the perfect gadget for this. Forget about the “phone selfies”; the in thing on social media nowadays is “drone selfie”.

These aerial vehicles can easily be fitted with a camera and controlled via the phone. This will allow your partner to take stunning aerial photos and record jaw-dropping videos of natural phenomena if he’s into exploration.

Alternatively, just flying a drone is enough fun to bring the little kid out of any grown man out there. It makes for a lot of joy when you can use your drone to prank your close friends or mess with strangers in the neighborhood. Its hovering capabilities make it the perfect prank tool for this. Some models also come with a VR headset to ensure that he experiences first-person flight mode.

The best thing about drones is that they are small, light, and easily portable. You can find some that are basically the size of a large smartphone and will easily fit in a small bag. You don’t also have to blow your budget as there are numerous functional pieces of tech that you can find at a decent price.

Generally, drones are easy to fly and for a tech guy, this will definitely be a piece of cake. You can never go wrong with a drone! These interesting gadgets come with multiple features and innovative applications that will have your boyfriend’s adrenaline pumping and creative juices flowing.

An Electric Bike!

E-bikes are fast becoming more mainstream by the day and I’m sure you’ve spotted a few on the road yourself. What makes them attractive to both techies and non-techies is that they incorporate technology into a day-to-day device, making for a fun biking experience.

An e-bike would, without a doubt, be a cool gift to get your boyfriend. The thing about tech guys is that overall; they live a very sedentary life. Most of the day is spent glued to the computer screen and sitting on a desk, which robs them of the chance to experience the outdoors or even stay fit.

An e-bike gift will be an ingenious way of getting him out and reminding him that there is a lot that he is missing out on. These bikes are easy to ride and cannot be compared to regular bikes. They allow you to ride for hours without feeling tense or tired, not to mention that you can choose from a number of options at

Getting your man an electric bike as a gift is also a great way of watching over his health, especially if you’ve noticed that he’s starting to get out of shape. These bikes make working out easier by giving you a boost as you pedal. Although you’re getting electrical assistance, you’re still cycling the whole time.

This means that riding an e-bike can be just as effective in burning calories as riding a regular bike if sustained for a longer period. The best part is that he won’t see it as much of a strain and his joints won’t be aching by the end of the ride.


It is always a good gesture to surprise someone with a gift, and for a boyfriend, the right gift will only help to keep the flame of the relationship burning.

Try surprising your techie boyfriend with a drone or electric bike the next time you get him a gift; I’m sure he’ll be more than excited to have any of these cool gadgets.

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