Wood cutting board in kitchen

The benefits of wood cutting boards are endless

There are two types of people in this world: those that prefer wood cutting boards and those that prefer plastic cutting boards. However, one may be better than the other. As noted by Hardwood Lumber Company, wood boards are not only stylish no matter your kitchen aesthetic but also easy to clean and and versatile in their usage. You can, of course, use them to chop vegetables, fruits, or meat, but you can also use them to serve food because they’re so visually pleasing. Plus, you can store them openly due to their appeal, therefore not needing to stuff them into a cabinet.

If you have a wood cutting board, though, you do need to know how to maintain its upkeep to have its maximum lifespan. After all, wood boards can prove more expensive than plastic ones, but they can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Because of this, they’re an excellent investment. According to Serious Eats, these boards simply require hand washing because long soaks in the sink or spins in the dishwasher can leave them dry and damaged. Don’t forget to oil your boards from time to time, too, so that they don’t dry out and break.

When it comes to finding the right wood cutting board for you, Amazon has many options. There are, for example, good bamboo options, like Royal Craft Wood’s set. Or perhaps you’re into walnut wood, with its darker, deeper look. In that case, you might prefer Mevell’s board.

Still, one board may just be better than the rest on the market, and it comes from the brilliant minds over at Fab Slab. This company produces solid, wooden boards in a variety of sizes, but the kicker is that they’re solid pieces of wood and not boards that are amalgamated from various smaller pieces of wood. Because of this, they’re easier to take care of, too.

Fab Slab claims to produce “the most hygienic cutting board,” and supporting them is nice, too, because they’re Australian-owned and produced. Moreover, because they produce their boards from just one slab of wood, every wood cutting board from Fab Slab is completely unique, including small differences in the board’s color. They even off laser engraving if you want customized boards.

Ultimately, wood cutting boards are a healthier alternative to plastic ones, so why not give Fab Slab a shot?

What do you use in the kitchen, and have you purchased from Fab Slab before? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your thoughts and experiences!

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