The Benefits Of Living In London

Living in London can be a great thing to do once in your life at least, if not as a more permanent thing. Check out some of the benefits of living in London.

1. The city is home to some of the world’s most beautiful parks including Richmond Park, Regent’s Park, Green Park and Hyde Park. No matter where you live in the city, there’s almost guaranteed to be a leafy green area within walking distance, as parks surround London.

2. The public transport system is well-funded. All parts of the city are connected via The Tube (an underground train system) and iconic Red London Buses. You can find information about timetables and fares for all of the city’s public transport options at

3. It’s a fairly safe city owing to the extensive CCTV surveillance camera network and excellent street policing.

4. There is no shortage of world-famous landmarks including Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and dozens more.

5. All the excellent history museums in the city have free admission. Some of the best ones include The British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Natural History Museum, National Gallery, Imperial War Museum and many others. The exhibitions housed in those museums are also always changing.

6. There’s a rich theatre scene, so you’ll never run out of shows to see. There are productions to match all tastes, from musicals like Les Miserables and The Sound of Music to Shakespearean plays like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

7. You get to experience all four seasons. In the summer you can relish the glorious sunny days; in the autumn you can wonder at the delights of red and gold leaves; during the winter months snowfall often occurs and in the spring you can watch all the flowers come back to life.

8. It’s a multicultural city. This means you can experience authentic dishes from all regions of the world in the hundreds of local restaurants.

9. It’s well-connected to all the world’s international cities. The Eurostar train can take you to the centre of Paris in less than three hours. Alternatively, you can fly to just about any city on the planet from the city’s four major international airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton.

10. There are many excellent schools in the UK. State schools and privates schools both offer excellent facilities and internationally recognised qualifications.

11. The music scene is buzzing. You can see the biggest artists in the world headlining at The O2 Arena and Wembley Arena, while new talent can be found in the city’s vast selection of clubs.

12. London has some great markets including Portobello Road Market, Borough Market and Camden Market.

13. There is no shortage of art galleries in the city and many of them are free to visit. Think Barbican Art Gallery, The National Gallary and Tate Modern.

14. London is a welcoming city: it constantly features near the top of many best cities to live on the globe rankings.

15. The city is home to the Royal Family. You get a chance to see members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, in person during annual events.

So, now we have looked at lots of the benefits of living in London, let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks. You might be surprised to see that many of them overlap.

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