The 8 wedding dress trends brides need to know about

Bridal Fashion Week has been and gone, and now it’s time to look over some of this year’s biggest wedding dress trends. Searching for the right dress can be hard work, so before you go wedding dress shopping this year, make sure you check out these eight trends to give you some inspiration and food for thought. Each of these trends suits a very particular personality and body type, so knowing the style and shape of the dress you’d like before you go shopping could save you hours of time and help you find a dress that fits great and looks the part.

Relaxed wedding dresses

One of the hottest wedding dress trends right now is relaxed and bohemian-style dresses, which are perfect for summer weddings where the weather is hot or for brides who want to get married overseas. Rather than corsets and tight dresses, these relaxed-fit dresses are a comfortable, no-nonsense approach and help you relax and enjoy your day without feeling too hot and bothered.

Traditional wedding dress styles

Keeping with tradition and choosing a traditional, authentic wedding stress is another sensible option, and it’s a trend that most brides choose. And just because you’re wearing a traditional garment, that doesn’t mean you won’t turn heads, and you certainly won’t be taking the safe option. There are thousands of stunning designs to choose from, all keeping with tradition.

Trouser alternatives

Some brides have been tearing up the rulebook and wearing wedding jumpsuits and trouser suits, and why not!? If you’re not comfortable wearing a skirt or a dress or you just want to wear something stylish and head-turning, then the trouser wedding outfit could be the best option.

Coloured wedding dresses

You don’t have to stick to wide and ivory just because you’re getting married. After all, white is such a specific colour and doesn’t work with every skin tone – especially those who are super pale. Colorful dresses with pastel tones and bright shades can help set you apart from the rest – and at the end of the day, it’s your wedding, so you have every right to stand out from the crowd.

Big, dramatic volume dresses

We all dreamt about one when we were young – a dramatic dress that would put Cinderella to shame. The trend towards voluminous dresses has never been greater, and it doesn’t have to be over the top. Some of the most elegant and sophisticated dresses are pretty voluminous!

Floral wedding dresses

If you’re a fan of flowers and want to show off your love of everything outdoors, then a floral wedding dress could be another option. Bringing out your personality with some bright floral fabrics is a great idea, and it turns the traditional white wedding approach on its head.

Ethnic wedding dresses

Ethnic-inspired fashion is another huge trend in the wedding world, and Asian bridal wear, in particular, is a big market. Whether it’s because you want to follow your religion or you just want to pay homage to your culture and family, an ethnic wedding dress makes sense for many.

Princess-inspired capes

Every bride wants to feel like a Disney Princess on her wedding day, so why not let your dress make that moment even more special? Stunning traditional wedding dresses with long trails may not be for everyone, but they’re perfect for girls who want to have a fairytale wedding day.

Finding the right wedding dress for your big day is important, so doing your research in advance is a sensible idea. Whatever option you choose, we hope you have a fantastic wedding.

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