The 5 Fun Gift Ideas to give Kids on their Birthdays

We all wish that somehow, we could return to the carefree days of our childhood. That is because those were the days when our demands were fewer, and we often got our wishes fulfilled. As a parent, it would be considerate if you tried your best to satisfy your child’s demands and requests. Kids are always looking forward to special occasions. That is mainly because either; they get new clothes and go out, or they get gifts and new toys.

The Best Birthday Gifts for kids in 2019

This list of the best birthday gifts for kids is all you need to decide what you’re going to buy. These are the top 5 things that are most in-demand with the younger generation. Let us see what do the kids these days want:


Children love flying objects. There is something about the gravity-defying objects that excite them. Though the 2000’s kids wanted R/C Helicopters and Airplanes, the kids these days want nothing less than a drone. Drones are easier to fly as compared to planes and copters. They are also easier to carry and can hover over tricky places. The best gift would be a drone with a camera, as kids are going head over heels for them.

Gaming Console:

Well, this one is also for fun adults, to be honest. Ever since the great revolution of digital games in the 90s, gaming consoles are the biggest hit among kids, teens, and young adults in their early 20s. People fight over, which is the better: a console or a personal gaming computer. While some others are fighting over which console is better; Sony’s PS4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One. Find out which race your kid belongs to and get him/her that one for his/her birthday.

Dirt Bike:

You’ll never hear parents that bought their kids a dirt bike complain that their kids don’t go out to play. This present will indeed make your child the coolest kid in your neighborhood and also their school. Though you must always keep a careful watch on them while they ride. If you plan to buy this gift, then make sure that you also purchase full riding safety gear for them.

Tablet / Smartphone:

Generation Z is all about technology. Even the babies of this generation are constantly grabbing the cellphones out of their parent’s hand. The best gift for your child is indeed a smartphone or a tablet. Though there are many learning opportunities and advantages, cellphones also pose a threat of cyberbullying. Install a monitoring app like KidSecured to keep an eye on your child’s activity.


No matter which generation a child belongs to, they’ll always yearn for the companionship of a loyal pet. Pets have proven to be an integral part of the child’s growth. Keeping a pet teaches a kid responsibility and teaches them the love for other beings. There are many options for pets. You can either employ more traditional choices and go for cats, dogs, and ant farms. Alternatively, you can get your child a ferret, lizard, or a spider.

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