The 2019 Men’s Fashion Guide: Which Occasions Do I Wear My Custom Ties?

One of the most common dilemmas men tend to face no more than ever is choosing the perfect Custom Ties to wear. A couple of decades back, men would wear ties just about every day. And not just for their decorative purposes, but because ties exuded power and earned their wearers respect from people around them. However, rocking Custom Ties isn’t like wearing any other piece of clothing wear. The different tie colors, sizes, and designs are meant for different occasions and times.

If anything, today fewer men actually wear ties claiming that they are too dressy. As a result, only a few men wear ties and for occasions like going to work and other important events. Men mainly wear ties to show professionalism. These days, people believe that you gain more power in how you dress by dressing how you want. This makes the necktie to be more of an option today than it was some few decades back.

What to look for when choosing a tie

When selecting the perfect Custom Ties for different occasions lies upon many factors. You think about the different tie colors, the patterns, the sizes, etc. With the vast collection of ties that you can choose from, there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in your own little tie collection. You can even have all the best ties that complement all your outfits if need be. Consider these few pointers on what to look for when shopping for a tie.

Tie colors

Wearing a tie doesn’t just reflect how good you look, the tie you wear also need to send a message across. You can even wear the same outfit on different days, but with different colored ties. This can alter the way other people perceive your outfit in the long run. Some people may not even notice that you’ve worn the same outfit. The different tie color radically changes your overall look.

The color of your tie is also always the first thing that draws the eye in of other people. The color of your Custom Ties also works to convey the mood that you are trying to convey.

Generally, ties can consist of different colors. However, to choose the best tie, you also need to consider your skin tone. People with pale skin tones, for example, do well wearing purple, blue, or red ties. People with darker skin, on the other hand, stand out more with ties of darker green and brown colors.

You can also choose from solid tie colors that can never let you down.

  • Silver – for a very clean, sleek color, silver ties are perfect for celebratory events. Silver colored ties make you look relatively smart and respectful. And if you can pair this tie color with a white t-shirt, you’ll be sorted
  • Yellow – yellow is a fantastic color to rock especially during the summer times. You want to try to brighten your look a little bit during this time. People also associate yellow with a lot of positivity and energy. Besides, your chances of being noticeable while wearing a yellow colored tie are also pretty high
  • Navy blue – wearing a navy-blue tie marks as one of the safest options that you can go for when it comes to wearing a tie. Navy blue is a color that’s symbolic for business. Besides this, navy blue also marks as a calming color which can go with just about anything. Navy blue works perfectly with either a plaid suit to a black one.
  • Red – the color red symbolizes power and victory and is especially recommended for more professional environments. Red as a color, symbolize strength and authority. So, having red-colored Custom Ties should make other businesspeople take you seriously

Tie graphics

A graphic tie can also work well in your favor. Patterned ties work well towards breaking the monotony of standard solid color office ties. Mixing tie patterns can also work towards improving your tie’s graphics.

Today, you find that hundreds of graphic ties on the market. Most are usually quirky. However, if you shop hard enough, then you can also find some bold print colored ties that suit your occasion even more. Even so, you might want to stick to the key classic tie prints that aren’t too OTT. Should you find the perfect graphic tie, then you’ll be set.

Consider going for these types of graphics in ties

  • Stripes – stripes work with almost all style shirt. Plus, you can also pair stripped ties with striped shirts and still look amazing. However, in this case, you might want to vary the orientation of the different stripes that you combine. Or simple, work to ensure that the pattern of your tie isn’t the same size as of your shirt.
  • Checks – check ties are excellent for a quirkier look. You can also combine this tie look with a checkered shirt. The same rule about not using the same sized patterns also apply here. You want to try and avoid any confusion arising from your outfit by combining two different sized patterns.
  • Pin dots – this is a timeless classic that also goes with just about any clothing. You can use pin dot ties with checked shirts. Pin dot ties also complement plain dress shirts and plaid shirts also well.

Where to wear a tie

Finally, you have shopped for the best tie varieties and purchased the best possible ties you can find. The next process comes about when you now need to decide when’s the best time to rock one. Custom Ties are especially essential for wearing on certain occasions like weddings and job interviews. Ties work to ensure you bestow a good impression.

However, like there are events that demand that you have a tie, wearing ties in some other situations can make you appear more respectable. Simply put, you don’t necessarily need to view a tie as another dress code. A good tie can also aid you in other situations like when going for your first date.

Consider these occasions that make having good Custom Ties essential

  1. Weddings

Weddings only happen once. All the reason you need to ensure you look your very best for this once in a lifetime event. For such an event, wearing a tie is a must. If anything, at weddings, Custom Ties work to meet the society’s expectations. You must consider the formality of a wedding. You can have a stripped silver tie over a white shirt and a light grey suit to seal the deal. You will look nothing but clean and elegant for this very special occasion.

  1. Job interviews

Job interviews are especially tricky as you find that certain jobs even advise you to be yourself. However, let’s face it, sometimes, a pair of joggers and some basic sweatshirts are some people’s favorite idea of self. And that’s why wearing a suit and a decent tie is always mandatory for these occasions. For job interviews, a striped tie or solid colored tie can do you really good.

  1. Fine dining

Ties also go for an evening at a fancy restaurant with friends or family. You may not necessarily need to wear a tie. However, should you choose to do so, then you will definitely elevate your overall look. You also find that most luxury restaurants have strict dress code policies that you must adhere to. You must look nothing short of smart when dining at these luxurious restaurants. And that means that good Custom Ties are a must. If, however, you are still in doubt, then you can choose a black tie. Black ties are considered to be perfect for all formal occasions. Job interviews included.

  1. Networking events

Ties also work perfectly for events where you need to meet and socialize with new people. For such events, you want to make sure you are noticeable and stand out above everyone else. You must have a good tie that brings out professionalism in you even as you interact with other people. For such events, you might want to wear yellow Custom Ties. Ties of this color not only make you stand out from the rest of the crowd, but they also make you appear to be more easily approachable. Remember, you want other people at these sorts of events to view you as friendly and positive. This way, it will be a lot easier for other people to spark up a conversation with you.

  1. Meeting new people

You might want to have more neutral colored ties like grey ties over a crisp white shirt.  This makes it relatively easy for you to meet with other people for the first time and spark up a conversation. Take, for example, an instance where you are meeting someone’s family or meeting your landlord for the first time. You might want to consider having the perfect tie to make out the perfect first impression.

  1. First dates

Meeting your crash for a date can be an especially intimidating experience. However, if you dress up appropriately, then you also feel more relaxed and in control. Wearing a tie on your date can also make your crash feel like you are interested in the date. You know, based on all the effort you put to look good. A good first impression can mean everything in this instance as well.

Final thoughts

From the above context, you can perceive that Custom Ties play a critical role when looking to bring out the best style from your clothing wear. All you need to know about Custom Ties to have ones that look best, you must consider the tie color, the style, the size, and graphics. Get all these factors right, and you’ll be good to go. That being said, good luck in your tie shopping endeavors.

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