Technologies Draw the New Future: What It Can Be Like?

The online industry that thrives on powerful software, digital platforms and smartphones has reached all businesses today. Even farming tools use modern technology, electronics, and materials. Internet of Things (IoT) is a novel idea that allows us to connect things in the surroundings. So, what can the future be like? It will definitely be online and always on.

Surely, technologies advance the future and future trends in businesses. One of the most profitable ventures in the digital industry is online banking. Almost all transactions are online today, through strict protocols. Things like Bitcoin and Blockchain technology are some of the important pillars of tomorrow’s banking system. This has translated into individual and independent shops, customers, and websites. Any person who uses money has an account with a payment gateway. When PayPal, Visa, Skrill employ thousands of employees, it guarantees transactions. There are tons of small country and region-specific payment gateways and digital platforms selling anything that uses them.

Global Banking Accelerates Future Platforms

Payment gateways have enabled the banks and moneylenders to reach every individual with ease. You can shop online, spend hours gaming online, and purchase in-game items and so much more online. McKinsey & Company, the Global Payment Gateway analyst, reported that 2019 showed ‘accelerated challenges.’

  • The global revenue reached $1.9 trillion by the end of the year 2018.

  • They recorded a 6% growth in this trend, all resulting from global banking and payments.

But where does all this money come from? It comes from customers. They come from small and medium businesses and petty purchases. In fact, Amazon became a trillion-dollar company and is worth $1.5 trillion today. Its founder has become the first person to have more than $200 billion in funds. It managed to do so, not in a year, but over a long period of time, and this was propelled in 2020 by the global pandemic. Thus, global payments have resulted in more push to the economy and technological advancements than anything today.

  • You have better smartphones with better data plans, all the credit of global banking.

  • People can video call and voice chat so easily because technological platforms evolved to match the global economy.

  • From community forums to chat rooms, all have prospered due to the ability to join for free.

  • The ad industry has become a boon, owing to global banking.

  • Industries like the gambling industry, casinos have also gone online because of global banking facilitation.

Google Play hosts over 2.96 million apps today, and this would not be possible without customers being able to make a payment online. However small it might be, these payments help secure a dollar.

Dot Peen Technology to Farmer’s Rescue

The use of technology is omnipresent, and it can do wonders in the farming sector as well. A new Dot Peen technology by the Durham Police is a big breakthrough for the farming sector. It can dissuade the thieves from laying their hands on the farming equipment. The technology behind this operation is a simple one. A permanent digital mark is placed on the farming tools, and the cops can easily locate it if it is stolen. This technique can be used on anything like computers, laptops, bikes, cars, machines, etc., with a bespoke ID.

Mobile Gaming Industry Has Boosted Dollars

The mobile phone has carried immense potential from being the hub for business to the productivity corner. Everything is on your palm, like never before. Remembering the days when palm became the first one to drop PDAs in the US market in the 2000s, we have come two decades into the future now. The very manner we communicate has changed.

The future holds the key to technological advancements in the form of flexibility and vulnerability, both hand-in-hand. The Play Store is one of the hubs of such disparity. With the apps from developers, both organizations’ and independent, there are many bugs that can cause security concerns while many apps are lifesavers. Games are one of the best parts of the internet app store community. There are more gaming apps than educational apps, which shows how influential games can be. Right on track, people are ready to spend hundreds of dollars purchasing the favourite CS: GO skin like Dragon Lore, use Bitcoins to play mobile roulette and play PUBG than learn some puzzles, mobile vocabulary, etc.

Beauty Industry Relies on Technology

The newest thing to emerge in the beauty and skin department is online video consultations with dermatologists. It has become even more popular during the pandemic. The use of technology has made shopping for quality beauty products a breeze now. Also, there is the use of virtual reality and augmented reality to offer a new type of online beauty product shopping experience. These technologies allow consumers to buy customized and personalized products.

From History to Today’s Game Tech

Today's Game Tech

There were amazing things in the 90s and 2000s like 3D Mouse, 3D Graphics Accelerators, a game that came with a pool stick to play snooker, and much more. It was a great time when technological advancements back in the 2000s used the full power of the Intel processors. Amiga, Atari, and Sega were household names.

Today, in 2020, almost all those names are gone. We have NVIDIA, which continually releases cards like GTX, RTX series cards, Ray Tracing technology, and AMD that makes Radeon, Vega. With such innovations, big brand games like Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, etc., are some that take the future to new levels. This also makes mobile roulette and PUBG mobile possible.

With augmented reality, new avenues are being tested, and VR is bringing entertainment and games to real life. All big brands like Microsoft with its HOLOLens, Apple, VIBE from HTC, and Google VR are trying to cap on this.

Such is the impact of gaming and entertainment. Options such as live casino online gambling, cards, blackjack, slots from tons of developers only make it a more happening place. With online apps, these gaming studios can make games from any corner of the world and reach a big audience overnight. For example, mobile roulette is one of the most enjoyable games among online casinos. The Play Store has thousands of apps for mobile roulette, free and paid included today. Then, there are several thousands of apps in other games.

  • As of 2019, Statista shows that Google Play Store had 346,664 gaming apps.

  • This showed an increase of 0.36% in just one quarter, which is over 1247 apps in just 3 months.

  • Google Play Store is one of the most promising centers for gaming revenues.

On the other hand, Apple App Store hosts more than 957,390 gaming apps. In 2020, there are 3.42 million gaming apps in the App Store, which includes both for iOS and other platforms. Despite Apple enjoying only a fraction of the market share in terms of Global OS, it has higher revenue than any other. Most gambling and iGaming apps are first available on iOS because it makes money easily.

With the new Apple One subscription released on September 15th of 2020, with $14.99 per month, you can enjoy most of Apple’s Services. This is another way of increasing Global Banking and online smartphone consumer purchases, which all rely on technological advancements. From its chips like Apple Bionic A14, 7nm technology, Apple’s custom GPU, iOS 14, iPad, and stuff is the technological advancement that makes software seamless and a graceful experience in the hands of the customer. When you can use hardware and the bundled software without knowing anything about what is going on inside, that is when you have the future of your dreams.

Smart Building to Reform the School Setting

There is going to be wide dependence on IoT by the schools in the near future due to the pandemic. The classrooms and school buildings will get smarter. The use of smart buildings will help the parents and the community to get a data trail of how the school areas are sanitized. The smart building does the job of recording, analyzing, and sharing the data with the community to show them that the school is trying its best to ensure a safe and secure learning environment.

Overall Summary

The games and the banking industry have become strong pillars of today’s technological advancement. With ads, social media marketing, and other niches, the future of communication, entertainment, and productivity is going online even further. So, the future will hold a lot for the current generation and the generation to come.


Written by Monella

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