Team Fuzzable Celebrates National Writing Day 2020!

National Writing Day is an annual celebration of the power of writing creatively, inspiring people of all ages and abilities to try writing for fun and self-expression!

Whether it be the words written in your favourite book or the lyrics you hear in your favourite song, there is no denying the power of the written, or spoken word, and the important role in which they both play in our world.

“You can make anything by writing…”

For many people writing can be a truly cathartic experience, that allows them to speak their truth and articulate the words they are not brave enough to speak out loud. Whilst for others putting pen to paper provides a platform of which they can share important social and cultural messages of hope and faith.

Whatever your reasons for writing, please don’t ever stop, because you never know, learning how to express and understand your inner most thoughts and feelings, may just give you the clarity you need to lead you to achieve your ultimate dream!

To celebrate National Writing Day 2020, some of Team Fuzzable would like to share with you what writing means to them…

Vanessa D’Agostino

I started writing at the age of 12… 

My wish back then was to write a novel, but as you can imagine at that age, I had no clue how to do it! So I decided to start writing about what I knew, and as a massive fan of lots of different bands, I started to write fan fiction. I wrote a lot, but have to admit I only finished only a few. Looking back and re-reading those old stories, as embarrassing as it is, I can see how it helped to improve my writing style.

From there I would write up short stories, plan different scenarios for potential future novels and even diaries – I put together so many ideas and collected so many notes, in the hopes of one day being able to link them all together. It was during this time that I applied to be a writer at Fuzzable… and here I am today!

My love for writing helped me to find a small space within me, for my own inner peace. The moment I start to write, wherever I am, this place turns into my happy place. It’s fun, it’s a challenge every single day and it helped me while I had to deal with my inner demons and it still does.

Isla Williams

I love writing because it allows me to, first and foremost, express myself in ways unimaginable. I have always been quite a shy person, and anxious in certain situations, especially those that involve speaking and large crowds. But when I write, I can be creative and pen things that I may have been too afraid to speak up on.

English was always one of my strongest subjects at school and I enjoyed learning about the art of literature and language and how putting together pieces of your own writing can convey so many emotions, thoughts and feelings. Moreover, writing allows me to use my platform to put forward opinions on so many different topics. I get to discuss not only controversial topics, but stuff I love the most, such as music, pop culture and beauty. 

Katrina Rees

I love writing because it allows me to express myself especially when it comes to the things that I love.

When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with creative writing and would regularly write short stories or poems at school for various competitions and for enjoyment. As I got older, I just kind of stopped for no real reason and during the years when I did my A Levels and my degree, I was so laden down with assignments that I couldn’t bring myself to write anything for my own enjoyment.

A few years later, someone suggested that I should start a blog as I was always going to gigs, and that it would be a good way to document the events I’d been to. This really kickstarted my love for writing again, and led me to join CelebMix, and later Fuzzable, where I’ve been allowed to use my love of writing to inform others of the latest entertainment and beauty news, and shine a spotlight on some of my favourite celebrities and content creators.

I also love bringing a little positivity into the world through words – the entertainment industry can be a toxic place especially when so many outlets focus on gossip therefore I like to use my words to celebrate others.

Kendra Seguin 

To write, is to share…

My love for writing stemmed from a desire to share my own thoughts, stories, and opinions with others. I wanted a way to express myself, while simultaneously opening others up to a new perspective. I have learnt so much through other peoples writing, so it only made sense that writing would be how the world could learn from me.

Sharing who I am with others, and vice versa, has allowed me to find my community. Now that I have shared myself, writing is about learning to share more. My new mission with writing is to help share knowledge, information, and other people’s voices. Writing gave me space to share my story, now I want to share my platform and create space to share even more with the world.

Ayushi Sharma

Writing allows me to vocalise some of my most vulnerable thoughts, and provides me the medium to present an authentic self. My journey as a writer has become synonymous to my journey of growth human being. The reason why I hold it very close to my heart.

Philip Logan

For me, writing is a form of escapism which allows me the freedom to express who I am, and who I hope to be. 

To some this may sound like a strange and unusual thing to say, but I just love words! And how when put together in the right way, they can be the most powerful of unifying tools we as human beings possess. 

In everyday life, I’m not always the best at articulating how I feel about something in the moment that it’s perhaps being discussed – but when writing, I’m afforded the luxury of time to really think, and explore my own personal thoughts and opinions on a subject, which in turn empowers me to speak my truth as best I can without hesitation or doubt.

The art of writing is a proficiency of which I hope is never forgotten ,as I whole-heartedly believe the power of words can truly change the world…

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