Tammi Clarke releases the Revolution- Tropical Carnival Pallet.

If you, like us are a fan of the sunshine, and a fan of beauty then you may already know all about the beautiful Tammi Clarke. She’s the YouTubing mummy who has dedicated her channel to showcase her professional makeup skills, teach others, stand up for equality in the beauty community but do this all whilst spreading love, light and laughter wherever she goes. Tammi last year released the drugstore pallet of the summer with Revolution and now our girl MakeupByTammi is back with yet more sunshine in the form of a carnival for our faces!

Collaborating again with Revolution, the 18 large pan eyeshadow pallet has finally been unearthed after what feels like months of Tammi teasing us.

The original Tropical Paradise pallet has been a go to for spicier day to day looks, however this new part of a Tropical Island family see’s more fun, bold and summer essential vibe.

It was important to Tammi to create a pallet the second time around which is more bold, more dating and even more of a creative playground for makeup artists, makeup fans and anyone who just needs some carnival carnage in their life. In essence the pallet will go alongside it’s Paradise sister perfectly to create literally any look around.

The pallet itself contains 18 pigment packed shadows, with 7 extremely metallic shades (top row and first purple shade from left on the second row) and 11 ultra bold ultra blendable matte shades. The names are all dedicated to a Carabian Carnival and her Grenada herritage, apart from one shade Girlies, in which Tammi named after the people who ignite a carnival in her heart, her fans and supporters – the girlies.

The pallet is completely cruelty free and vegan, so not only is it super affordable (just £10) super fun and high quality it’s also made with no furry friends harmed in the process. There is possibly nothing better.

The pallet is launching tomorrow and will be available directly from Revolution’s website and also in store and online at Superdrug too.

We could not be any more proud of our favourite girl Tammi Clarke if we tried! Let us know if you too will be picking the Tropical Carnival pallet up asap by tweeting us @Fuzzable.

Written by Niki

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