Why Are We Surprised By the Influence of Social Media on Millenials’ Lives?

Millennials are influenced by social media, but why are we surprised by that? It has been found that young people are more affected by social media than we are by other forms of advertising. Social media has more impact on where we decide to travel than a travel agent who… well, when was the last time any of us got a travel agent?

All of our sarcasm aside, we do not know for how long we were most surprised that social media has a huge impact on consumer decisions. People make a living by being “influencers” online because we all spend so much time browsing that we are more likely to receive a recommendation from a blogger than to watch travel programs or read magazines.

We find that much of the inspiration of social media travel comes back to social media itself. Often people watching other people’s parties on Instagram think “Ooh, we need to go there,” not just because it’s going to be a good trip, but because they can, in turn, post their own photos. It’s a cycle of envy that has fueled consumerism for decades, but people seem to be realizing how much it applies to travel.

What we find funny about this is how much this evidently applies to us. Some people seem surprised by the fact that millennials are more influenced by social media than travel agents and we do not think…. well, duh. We can book through an online travel agent, but generally we already know where we want to go. We know what we want and we want to get it for the best price.

We are influenced in travel, food, clothing, technology etc. We may not realize but we will become consumers.

After all, we think it’s safe to say that we already know that we pay attention to where others are traveling – but, more importantly, the data is now showing us exactly how close we are to our colleagues and this means that social media marketing is proving the penalty of the current economical dynamics. Whether we realize it or not, we are playing with the monkey-see-monkey-do marketing system.

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