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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Updates Fighters + Adds Piranha Plant

We were casually scrolling through Twitter as we do every frigid winter evening when we saw an intriguing tweet from IGN, which claimed that Super Smash Bros Ultimate had updated. We immediately grabbed our Switch, and lo and behold an update was awaiting us! And when we started our game, classic Mario character Piranha Plant was loaded to our full roster of fighters!

Now, we must admit that Piranha Plant’s inclusion in this game is no surprise. Its presence was revealed back in November, but everyone was expecting a February release.

In order to acquire this player, you must have preordered or bought the game within a certain timeframe. However, it will still be available as paid DLC. With this fighter being only added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate today, we’re not yet sure how competitively viable it will be – but we can already anticipate that we’ll have a lot of fun playing as it.

The addition of Piranha Plant wasn’t the only aspect within Ultimate’s update, however. A ton of existing fighters had their maneuvers updated, whether it be increasing their power, assisting their launch distance, or any number of improvements to help your favorite fighters be more viable. For a complete rundown of these improvements, you can find Nintendo’s detailed list here.

Piranha Plant is only the first DLC player to be released. In the coming months, more fighters are set to be revealed, though their identities are still being kept hidden. The only fighter whose identity we know is Joker from the Persona 5 series. Who do you think the other fighters will be?

Are you pumped to fight as Piranha Plant now? Or are you more excited about the other fighters’ buffs? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your gaming love!

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