Summer Survival Guide: Hair and Beauty.

This week in the U.K has been the hottest April for 70 years, so we’ve decided it’s time to get summer ready. We’ve created this handy little guide so the heat won’t stop you slaying and you can have fun in the sun.

Skin Care.

  • The biggest thing you can do for your skin this summer is protect! Slap on that SPF, prevent yourself from burning and peeling. Sun cream is a small price to pay when it can prevent skin cancer and wrinkles. The higher the factor the more protected you are.
  • Fake your tan- instead of sizzling your skin in the sun if you want to be bronzed, then fake it. The risk of a patchy tan is nothing compared to risking skin cancer.
  • If you do accidentally get burnt aloe-vera is highly moisturising and soothing. Cover yourself!
  • Hydrate. Its so easy to forget to drink when your enjoying the suns rays, but its so important to drink plenty of water. Not only is important for your body and brain, but your skin can get super dehydrated too.
  • Keep clean! Exfoliating is vital in summer because not only will it make your skin look silky smooth, but it will deep clean anything you may be exposed to in the sun.


  • Prep your skin with an SPF moisturiser. This is an amazing way to save time and money but still have that needed protection from the sun.
  • Primer is a great way to hold your makeup a little longer making your makeup withstand the dreaded sweat.
  • Less is more. In the summer your skin needs to breathe a little, so go lighter on base products. A tinted moisturiser is brilliant, or if you do need a little more coverage a medium weight foundation will be perfect.
  • Set everything with powder if your oily, or skip powder all together if you have dry skin.
  • Be daring with your lip colour. Summer is a great time to dive into those shades of lippy that you may think are too bright. Summer is all about the fun.
  • Experiment. Festivals and parties in the summer are the best times to try out glitter, face gems and bold colours, be daring!
  • Set your brows! You sweat an awful lot in extreme heat through your forehead, so avoid any brow mishaps by setting them in place with a brow gel or clear mascara unless your into the drippy brow look.
  • Radiate the look of your face with highlighter and bronzer. Highlighter and bronzer can be a great way to give your face that super healthy glow.
  • Waterproof mascara may not be the very best at volumising your lashes but when swimming this summer they’ll hold your lashes up and give you the tint and some volume whilst your in the pool.
  • Spritz every layer of product down with a setting spray, lock it in so it won’t come off with pesky oils in the heat.


We may of already said it, but the most important thing this summer is staying hydrated and keeping your skin safe, so please drink plenty and remember your sun screen.

Let us know if there are any other beauty survival tips you have for this summer by tweeting us @Fuzzable. 


Written by Niki

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