5 summer fashion trends that we just can’t get enough of

With the summer in full swing, we thought we’d take the time to look over some of the summer’s hottest fashion trends and give you some wardrobe food for thought. Check them out below, and let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section.

Reversible bikini sets

For the girls in this year’s Love Island, finding a new outfit to wear every day just be a challenge. But with the new fashion trend of reversible bikinis, it’s easier than ever for them to look great at all times – and you can follow suit if you want to pack light when you head off on your summer holidays this year. Reversible clothing has always been seen as a little bit niche and something your mother would do, but the trend has now hit the mainstream, with clothing sold on sites like Missguided featuring stunning reversible designs. And the best part is, the designs are often quite different, so you’ll never clash with your friends and you’ll be able to rock up to the pool or the beach wearing a whole new outfit every day of your holiday; so now there’s no excuse!

Love Island’s Dani Dyer is one of the biggest celebrities to sport this brand new fashion trend, and we don’t blame her for it. Her stunning black and white polka dot bikini is often seen in the show, and it’s available at Missguided for just £25. You can find more expensive alternatives on sites like NET-A-PORTER and Sunuva, while H&M and Sheln offer cheaper reversible outfits.

Customised necklaces

We’ve seen some of the world’s biggest celebrities, like Rita Ora, Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore and Iggy Azalea wear them, and now it’s possible to get your own. Customised necklaces featuring your name or a personalised quote are on the up, and they’re a great way to incorporate a little piece of your personality into every outfit you choose to wear. There are so many ways that you can wear a named necklace, whether it’s to show off your own name, to remember a loved one who is no longer with us or to tell the world about your new relationship.

The named necklaces available at Joulou are perfect for everyday use, and they come in gold, silver and plated silver depending on your requirements. One of the best parts about buying a customised necklace is that you know that nobody else will be wearing the same thing as you – it’s truly a personal piece of jewellery that will turn heads and help you stand out from the crowd. They’re also the perfect gift idea, whether you’re looking for a present for your mother, girlfriend or friend, and it’s a gift they’ll treasure forever and think of you whenever they’re wearing it.

Crayola colours

It’s been a big year for the Crayola brand so far. First, they announced plans to launch their own face crayons through ASOS, and they’re also front and centre of this year’s biggest fashion trend. Designers decided that this year it was all about those primary colours like tomato red, emerald green and bright yellow, and designers and fashionistas like Preen and Victoria Beckham have been sporting these colours in their latest summer 2018 collections. For the rest of us, that means those strong primary colours need to become part of our everyday summer wardrobes, and we’re okay with that. Gone are the days of pastels; now it’s all about the “pop”.

You don’t need to visit London Fashion Week or spend a fortune on your clothing to follow this trend, though. Everyday fashion brands like ASOS, H&M and Boohoo have been adding more colours to their collections, and we’re really pleased with what we’ve seen so far. And if you can pair some of the bright colours with more neutral blacks, whites and greys, you will only need to buy a couple of new pieces for your wardrobe. Alternatively, you could go all out and make your own clothing by using clothing dye; it’s a low-cost alternative that’s sure to generate a result.

Cut out dresses

We’re not usually one for exposing more skin than necessary, but one of this year’s hottest summer fashion trends involves doing exactly that. Cut out dresses, t-shirts and blouses are so popular right now, and they let you show a little skin and have some fun in the summer months. In fact, some of these styles are perfect for a day on the beach or an afternoon’s walk, because they allow your skin to breathe in what would otherwise be a warm and uncomfortable outfit.

There are lots of different cut out styles; side cutouts are particularly dramatic, but more often than not, it’s the shoulder and neckline cutouts that look and feel the best. Every major fashion retailer is investing in such dresses this year, including Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Forever 21, Revolve, ASOS, H&M, Boohoo, Topshop, New Look and more. If you don’t fancy splashing the cash or you just want to try something different, then you could even make your own cutout dress with a pair of scissors and some bias tape. It’s really not as hard as you might think.

Oversized weekender bags

Weekender bags have always been a little bit fun, but this summer’s styles are oversized and perfect for packing your whole summer wardrobe. What’s more, these bags look amazing over your shoulder, and they can help finish off your outfit. If you’re a serial over-packer and you can’t go away for even a night without packing your whole wardrobe, then these are the bags for you. And with hundreds of styles to choose from, including some smaller summer varieties, there’s no reason why you can’t add an oversized weekender bag to your wardrobe this summer.

There you have it – some of our favourite summer fashion trends that you just can’t ignore. What are you wearing this summer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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