Study Tips for Procrastinators

Procrastination MUST be a part of human nature. We’ve all done it at some point in our lives and sometimes it can really get the better of us. This can become a problem when you need to study or just get some work done. We’ve come up with some study tips to try and make it easy for all of you out there that sink into a spiral of procrastination (it’s okay, we do too sometimes!).

Make a reasonable list of what you need to do

By this, we don’t mean write down every single thing you need to do that will cover everything you’ve done in class, but by writing down a simplified version of what needs to be done. Make sure it’s a list you know you’ll stick to. It could be organised by what’s more important or what will take the most time, whichever works for you. For example, personally, I’ll write down in the notes on my phone after each lesson, “sociology crime notes” or “media essay”. This way, when I go back to the notes on my phone, since that’s the place I won’t lose my list, it’s a small refresher of what I need to do.

Use your phone to your advantage

Like mentioned above, you could use the notes in your phone to make a small list of what needs to be done. Let’s be honest, you might forget your folders or textbooks, and you might not buy those different coloured sticky notes or a planner, but you’re never going to forget your phone.

There’s no need to overcomplicate using highlighters

If you highlight everything in your textbook, it’s not going to work when you come to writing down the most important parts of the topic. Stick to an easy colour coding system. Highlight or underline the key parts so you’re taking in the important information. Re-read the passages a couple of times in your head and write it down, maybe even explain it out loud to someone else. When you see it on a test, the information should flood back to you.

If it takes under 10 minutes, do it straight away

There’s nothing worse than building up a bunch of small tasks which in the end will take much longer to do than first anticipated. If it takes under 10 minutes to complete, do it straight away. It’ll take some weight off your shoulders and will be beneficial in the long run.

Rise early, finish early

Getting up early and finishing early makes you feel accomplished, even if you’ve only read a couple of pages in your textbook. It’s a useful source of time management. You’ll have the rest of the day to relax and do things for you.

Make good notes the first time round

If you’re someone who knows they’re not going to re-write out your notes, write them well the first time round. When you come to re-reading them or making flashcards, etc. from them they’ll make sense to you and be in full detail. You’ll thank your past self for putting in the effort.

We hope these study tips work for you or are at least of some help. If they have, let us know! Do you have any study tips that help you as a fellow procrastinator? Tweet us!

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