Students reveal what University and College life is really like

Ever wonder what college life is like? Everyone always says that college and uni are very different to what they imagined it to be. So, we turned to Whisper and asked: “What is student life really like?”

Below, a ton of pictures and sayings explain what some students think their life to be while studying at school:


Student life is a whirlwind of emotions, and not everyone has the same experience. With tuition fees so high, you have to really be ready for your life to change completely. Then there is feeding yourself, taking care of your mental health, and everything that comes in-between. It’s not easy, but it can be worth it in the end.

Never forget: we at Fuzzable my not know each of you individually, but we believe in each and every one of you. If you are reading this, you are cared for, and you will succeed in all of your endeavors. It can be easy to doubt yourself or become completely overwhelmed, but take a deep breath and jump back in. You have got this, and you will have your degree before you know it.

Do you find these sayings relatable? What is your experience with college life? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your thoughts and opinions!

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