Stella Hudgens Launches her a Tete-a-Tete blog

Stella Hudgens has launched a blog. It’s called a tete-a-tete, it’s pronounced tet uh tet. And basically, it means a private conversation between two people. The name is a nod to Stella’s love of all things French.

The blog was launched earlier this week. In her ‘about me’ section Stella explains she hopes the blog will give her the opportunity to talk about all the things she posts about Instagram in a more in-depth manner.

Writing has always been a favorite hobby of mine so combining writing & a relationship to my followers felt like it was only right! (about time if you ask me…)

I spend so much time on instagram focusing on skin issues, diets & outfits so this blog is a place for me to fully elaborate on those topics. I know first hand it is sometimes difficult to feel put together or inspired so this blog is dedicated to sharing my two cents to hopefully improve/expand techniques for feeling like a semi put together human. 

So far the blog has four posts. But will focus on Beauty, Style, Travel and Health and Fitness. All the photos published so far on the blog have been taken by Eric Unger. Stella’s big sister Vanessa Hudgens took to Twitter to share how proud she was of Stella for her new venture.

You can see the blog for yourself here .

You can also follow Stella on Instagram.

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