Stefan in hospital
Stefan in hospital

What Stefan Karl has taught me (#LifeIsNow)

On February 22 2018, Icelandic actor, Stefan Karl Steffansson (aka: Robbie Rotten in the show ‘LazyTown‘) announced via GoFundMe that his cancer has rematerialised and that his GoFundMe Page will be closing soon.

I wanted to share this news with those of you who have taken this journey with me. I’m so grateful for your affection and help — your words of encouragement have meant the world to me. They helped lift my spirits during dark days. – Stefan Karl (2018)

This has been an ongoing news as the cancer was first discovered in 2016 and his treatment has been on and off, reaching stage 4 back in mid 2017. Fans hoped that things would get better in 2018 but sadly, that’s not the case.

Stefán is and has been on a quickly ticking clock. That’s not new. He knew that, his friends and family knew that, and we knew that for a long time now. Everyone has been supportive and hopeful, but with the kind of diagnosis he received, there’s just no going back from that. There isn’t a miracle around the corner that will stop the clock.

– A quote from user Stingy in a LazyTown forum site

Ever since Stefan announced his condition, the actor updates his fans all over on social media about his life, the good and the bad moments, the operation, and the aftermaths. And despite the struggles, hardships, he still manages to pull through and he’s able to spend more time with his family, travel the world, and even performed in a few shows.

I think there is something we could learn from Stefan’s ordeal when it comes to the way we should live our lives. You see, Stefan uses the hashtag #LifeIsNow over on Twitter whenever he post about living life now and I think that’s what we should be doing… living in the moment no matter the obstacle.

Sometimes, we’re caught up with the negative things in life that we forget the things that’s happening right now in this very moment. We worry about school, social status, popularity, and opinions given from others that we sometimes forget to focus on ourselves and our actions.

It’s interesting since this can be slightly seen in the character he plays in the show. Robbie Rotten may be known and seen lazy and a ‘bad guy’, but looking on the way he interacts with the kids (especially in Season 1), he does things to spice up their day like roleplaying with them as pirates. It makes you wonder if Robbie is really a bad person or just someone who just struggles to make friends and does it in his own way (which was slightly confirmed over on AMA from the actor on Reddit).

The world is in a very dark place at the moment with multiple controversies and tragedies happening left and right in the just the first 2 months of 2018. We also don’t know how long we have left in this planet, whether it’s 100 years or 50 or if its less than that. It’s up to us on how we live our lives. Don’t let the negativity pull you down and/or stop you from doing action.

Stefan Karl not only inspired me to fight my demons but the way he’s living his life motivated me to find ways to do the same in mine.


I hope Stefan recovers from this but if his time does come to a close, I know that I was able to learn something from the man himself.

PS: I don’t know how long the GoFundMe page will remain open but if you can, feel free donate.

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