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Staying Cool and Fresh: 6 Easy Skincare Tips for Men

Have you been avoiding skin care for the longest time? Take this as a sign to finally sit down and listen to why skincare should matter to you. There’s no need to worry about how complicated it is because this guide is giving you six easy skincare tips that prove excellent and long-lasting results.


Learn how your mates combat shaving irritation, breakouts, and even curing those unexpected fine lines. It’s always nice to treat your face with some shine, as it may even help boost your confidence once you’ve got the hang of proper skincare. Buff up your game with these six easy skin care tips for you to get started.

Start with Having An Easy Regimen

Cleanse Your Skin

The first step of Men’s skincare routine is not washing your face every morning, as washing your face too much leads to the possibility of ruining the natural oils your skin produces.

However, the magic of natural oils only works if you continuously wash your face each night. We always rise in the morning on a clean slate, so it’s always good to end your day by giving your skin some freshening up as well.


Just staying outside for an extended time can absorb all sorts of dust and dirt into your pores, and you wouldn’t want that. Before going for a shave, use a mild foaming cleanser to help reduce surface oil. You may also use an exfoliating cleanser to enhance your shaving experience by alternating the routine with a gentle wash afterward.


Repair Your Skin

Every day our skin goes through a lot of exposure, and because of this, it leads to getting beaten up over time due to free radicals. Moreover, it’s also because of free radicals that our skin experiences oxidative stress.


We know that oxidative stress is actively happening to our body or skin when it reacts negatively after being exposed to the following:

  • UV rays
  • Industrial chemicals
  • Smoke coming from cigarettes
  • Air pollution

Taking an antioxidant serum that contains vitamin C can be helpful when it comes to reducing skin damage and is recommended to use after a shaving routine. In addition, retinol cream can also be a good product for those in their 30s as it helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


Protect Your Skin with Moisturizer

After using an antioxidant serum in the morning, it’s always good to apply a moisturizer that at least provides SPF 30. Who told you that sunscreen is only meant for outdoor activities or beach days? Sun exposure, especially when spending a long time outdoors, can add up to skin damage.


In the evening, wash up your face and apply a lightweight moisturizer. However, an evening moisturizer isn’t as strict of a routine compared to the morning skincare routine. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water can already do wonders for your skin.

Choosing the Right Skin Care Products

Do Research and Learn About Your Skin Type

It’s a fact that men tend to have thicker and oily skin , which is because of testosterone’s effects. But don’t worry, for there are a lot of products for dudes formulated to fight against these excess oils easily. For men with skin that shows signs of dryness and flaking, you should seek products such as a heavy moisturizer or a cream cleanser.


There are also those skin types that tend to mix with oily and dry, and there are also products formulated for such combinations. Moreover, you can always consult a dermatologist for those who have sensitive skin and are afraid of getting burns, irritation, and more. The dermatologist can help recommend gentle skincare products that could be a big help for your sensitive skin.

Manage Skin Eruptions and Irritations with Care

One of the major concerns when it comes to dealing with the male face is its bumpy textures. Most dermatologists would often record ingrown hairs, pimples, and razor burns when treating their male patients. Use electric razors over manual razors to get easier access to cutting all those ingrown hairs and help not getting the skin irritated because of shaving.

It’s Never a Bad Idea To Experiment

With many formulated products one can choose from, your routine may constantly change, and so do the products you use. Skincare is a never-ending trial and error. When one product is better than the other, it becomes easily replaceable.

Never Limit Yourself

One common mindset that men have as to why they don’t do skincare in the first place is because of the fear of accidentally buying a skin product meant for women. However, according to dermatologists, most skincare sold in the market today are unisex products and contain ingredients made suitable for both genders.


It’s never too late to start your skincare journey, as it also serves as a way for you to practice proper hygiene and self-care. With proper practice, men’s skincare can easily catch up to the ropes of women’s skincare, which is treated with gentle and equal care. Step up your hygiene care today!

Written by Monella

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