Stand up for Stand-up Pouches

Packaging is heading into a new direction. Currently, the hottest trend in this area that is continuing to grow is the stand-up pouch. Many new players are popping out each day bringing with them a their better version of it. This made innovation blossom in this space. The biggest thing then was the ziplock and now we can even buy edible custom stand up pouches. Some of them are offering to mass produce pouches as a cheap but elegant way to store their goods. And some are creating custom stand up pouches to simply get better branding. There is, as well, a market for custom stand up pouches for personal use as people are beginning to realize the functionality, reusability and convenience that these pouches have.

It is forecasted that the stand-up pouch industry will be growing by 8% each year starting 2018. This is huge considering the saturation of the market it is in. This was all made possible by the recent advancements in material science and engineering. The pouches are now using a more flexible material which is essential to ensure that it does not break under stress. This also allowed the installation of various features that we see today. Additionally this made it possible to house a new line of products using this packaging.

A breakthrough in the last few years was the ability to be able to use the cheaper versions of the pouch as a container for liquid products. Although there are some pitfalls, it is evident that more and more businesses switching to these stand-up pouches from rigid packaging.

Why go for Stand-Up Pouches

It is lighter

The first obvious benefit is that the pouches are lighter than the usual packaging used for any products. The pouch is mostly made from relatively thin plastic but can also be made using thicker ones when housing a larger volume. This is in contrast to how common liquid products are traditionally stored in thick plastic bottles, glass bottles, and even steel cans. It is bad enough that liquid products are usually heavy. It makes perfect sense to switch to pouches. Some liquid products that have already made the switch are motor oils, dishwashing detergents, cooking oil, beverages and others.

It is more economical

Consumers generally want to buy the product and not the packaging. Stand-up pouches allows business owners to cut their cost in manufacturing and thus adding more value to the product. If a customer loves a product that you are selling, they would not mind the packaging if they can get a few more ounces out of it. Another scheme that some follow is by allowing consumers to reuse the bulky rigid bottles by selling their product in both packaging. Consumers are then encouraged to buy the product first using the bulky package but consequent purchases are then going to reuse that container by simply pouring the content.

Due to using less material to create than rigid packaging. Using stand-up pouches results in cheaper product prices. Stand-up pouches makes it is possible to lower your price point to meet what the markets are willing to pay for your product. The benefit becomes more evident when shifting from using rigid packaging to an already established product. If the product has already gained traction, they would not mind the change in packaging for the money they would save.

Consumers also love the product for allowing them to use every single drop of what is inside the pouch. Ketchup is notorious for the difficulty in trying to get that last bit in the bottom of the bottle. For as long as ketchup glass bottles existed so has the practice of palming the bottom of the its bottle.

It is cleaner

These pouches are made with significantly less plastic than their rigid counterpart. As previously mentioned, this cuts the cost. And the reduction in plastic also means less clutter for the consumer.

Stand-up pouches when stored, can be shrinked into thin mats. This saves millions in storage space which cannot be done using bulky bottles or boxes. In a single one by one meter box, as much as a hundred thousand of these pouches can be stored which can account for all the products that can be stored in a mid-sized facility. Using these pouches almost eliminates the cost of storing your packaging.

Today, when global warming has taken a massive toll on the environment and our day to day lives. Most people are starting to become more energy conscious of how they create product. Pouches are generally regarded as much more efficient to create than other options if you are going to go by storable volume per energy cost. Additionally, the manufacture of stand-up pouches produces less carbon which is the main culprit of global warming. And since these pouches can be easily shredded and folded, it produces less waste and can slow down piling of garbage in landfills.

It is customizable

A new industry borne from Stand-Up pouches is making the rounds online – the custom stand-up pouches. Smaller businesses are given the opportunity to package their product complete with the designs they want. And they get to have all the convenience that stand-up pouches offer.

The main reason why these pouches are in right now is because of the smart way the packaging are built. For instance, most pouches right now offer zip lock that keeps your products free from any contamination or infestation. This encourages consumers to buy these pouches by the bulk since they can now reseal the product and consumer it later.

Another reason for choosing cust stand-up pouches is because these pouches are, generally speaking, reusable. Because of its ability to keep moisture out, it is perfect for storing all kinds of food or any material that you do not wish to be exposed.

Shipping these pouches is also a breeze since, as mentioned earlier, these pouches are so much lighter and takes up virtually no space at all.

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