Stacey Soloman and Mrs Hinch collaborate – Safely and Happily.

The worlds cutest BFF’s Stacey Solomon and Sophie Hinchcliffe have made the world want to join in on their mama dates. From their two babies Rex and Ronnie having matching outfits – to partners Joe and Jamie heading out on football dates, we’ve all wanted to be a part of this adorable friendship. But now, they’ve teamed up together to create something magical for a great cause. 


Taking to Instagram today both Stacey and Soph announced their join collaboration with charity ‘Action for Children’ to release limited edition jumpers and t-shirts.

Action for Children are a charity who provide essential help to vunerable families. And they’ve recently announced the launch of their Secret Santa campaign –  where donations can be made towards providing things from gas and electricity for a family, a bundle of new born essentials for a baby or even gifts for a child, so they can have a magical Christmas.

Stacey and Mrs H are just two of the famous faces who have joined forces to create shirts and jumpers for the campaign. Their also joined by Lisa Snowdon, Una Healey, Mother Pukka and Kara Tointon who also have released designs.

The shirts and jumpers all have the same text – either the word ‘Happy’ or the word ‘Safe’ which is what all the famous faces are praying they can help provide – a ‘Happy’ and ‘Safe’ Christmas for children.

Prices for the collection start at £19, and Action for Children say this about the ethics and sustainibility and ethics of the items.

Our ethics are important to us so all our clothing is made of Certified Organic cotton. They’re vegan friendly and printed in the UK with low-waste processes in factories powered by renewable energy.

So not only are you showing support to the iconic duo of Stace and Soph, helping out vunerable children, wearing tees or jumpers which are cozy and chic,  your also helping the planet too! Wow!

The full collection is available now on Action For Children’s site.


Let us know if you too are picking one of the items up! We’d love to hear from you, tweet us @Fuzzable.

Written by Niki

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