St. Patrick’s Day Outfits For Men

St. Patrick’s Day is guaranteed to be a good time, whether you’re Irish or not. But if you’re like us, you care about your style and don’t want to go for a cheap novelty outfit. So here are some style hacks that will get you in the party spirit while ensuring you’re keeping to a stylish attire.

Green is key

It would be criminal not to include green in your St. Paddy’s Day look, but the key is not to go overboard. We’d recommend wearing a single green piece. Opting for a green jumper, tee or footwear would be your best bet.


A tweed wool flat-cap tips its brim to Irish heritage without making you look like an old man. It’s also extremely stylish right now thanks to the hit BBC TV series ‘Peaky Blinders’. Pair it with a more casual outfit to balance out the look.

Gold jewellery

Keeping to the St Patrick’s Day theme, some gold jewellery to accessorise your look could be a nice touch. But don’t go overboard – think less is more!


This Tartan pattern is very stylish and on-trend right now. It’s also super easy to style as so many guys already have some sort of plaid in their wardrobes. Go for some green plaid for that iconic Irish aesthetic. And for the more ambitious dresser, try some plaid trousers.

Add some colour

It might be a day traditionally associated with green, but don’t be afraid to brighten up your outfit with a pop of colour. After all, the pot of gold is always at the end of the rainbow, right? Maybe try a bright yellow jumper or even a bold coloured sock layered underneath your jeans?

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Written by Chris Bland

Hi there! My name is Chris and I am a 20 year old student from London! I have a passion for fashion (that rhymed!) and love creating content on the latest menswear trends. Say hello on Twitter: @itsbland

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