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Spice up Your Work Wardrobe with Marvel and DC-Inspired Fun Suits

In 2016, Fun Suits debuted a collection of men’s business suits inspired by some of the most popular Marvel and DC superheroes, including Iron Man, Superman, Batman, and more. Now after much anticipation from comic book fans, the company has now released attire for women.

Similar to the men’s collection, the women’s suits integrate subtle comic book designs into its various clothing pieces, including the Modern Print Boyfriend Blazer and the Vintage Print One-Button Blazer, which can be paired up with a set of trousers or a pencil skirt, also inspired by characters in the comics and films.

The pieces offer the wearer a feeling of having a “secret identity” because on the outside, they may seem like ordinary suits, but on the inside, they are anything but ordinary. Once someone takes a closer look, they will see intricate and beautiful designs, including on the wrists and waist areas of the blazers. This gives the wearer the perfect opportunity to have a little fun at work while not distracting anyone.

As of now, the women’s pieces are on sale for 33%-38% off, making the blazers $39.99 and the trousers and skirt $24.99.

Interested in the men’s collection?

The men’s collection of Fun Suits not only features the “secret identity” suits, but it also has “alter ego” pieces, which resemble superhero uniforms, and “authentic” pieces, which are made to look exactly like the suits of The Joker and The Riddler.

There are also Batman, Iron Man, and Spider-Man “secret identity” suits for children.

To find out more information, visit the Fun Suits official website. Also, make sure to tweet us your favorite design at @Fuzzable!

Written by Michele

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