SpectrumxDisney – The Little Mermaid’s magical brushes!

There’s two things we love the most. Disney and makeup brushes. A lot of weird and sometimes whacky makeup brushes have been created in the last year (Rose makeup brushes with thorns anyone) but one makeup brush company always create revolutionary brushes. From the Mean Girls Burn Book cases, to contour brushes shaped as hearts, Spectrum are in a league  of their own. Once again blowing our mind, they have created the magical ‘The Little Mermaid’ collection. 

Brand owners Sophie and Hannah grew up obsessed with Disney like many of us so this collaboration is a stuff of dreams.  “We grew up with Disney and for us it represents a magical, colourful and inspirational world. Combined with our own experience of starting in a garage and rising to great success along with how Disney inspires everyone to ‘dream big’, hopefully the collection is inspirational to our customers and fans of both brands. We’re really excited to be able to offer a piece of nostalgia, combined with on-trend design and ethical material choices
which we hope will be a hit with consumers spanning generations.” – Hannah said about the collection.

Sneak Peek of the collection.

There are 3 brush sets in this range, the first is an Ariel themed set. The clam shell shaped brush case contains 10 essential Spectrum brushes for your face and eyes, it also has an adorable strap so you totally can use it as a fashion accessory. Embellished with pearls, glitter and a giant Ariel it’s the perfect set for any mer-babes.

When it comes to Disney characters and makeup, there is only one gal who is bold as brass. Our favourite baddie Ursula. Shes the queen of mean, but she’s also known for her dramatic glam style, so it’s only fitting she has her own brush collection. Like Ariel’s there is 10 essential brushes in a case, but this time with a whole kick ass twist. Make sure your eye liners sharper then any trident with this kit!

The coolest and most unique part of the collection is Ariel’s treasure chest. In the film Ariel opens a chest full of ‘thing-a-ma-bobs’ so Spectrum created a chest with 5 oval brushes, each looking almost identical to Ariel’s dinglehoppers. The brushes themselves are created with Spectrum’s insane quality, and 100% vegan too. Every mermaid needs this!

If your thinking to yourself you need a part of this collection but you already have more brushes then Ursula has evil plans, fear not. Spectrum have also made two magical makeup bags!

The adorable Ariel makeup bag is big enough to fit all your essentials in. The detail is pretty mad. We don’t know how Spectrum have managed to create something this perfect!

We’re a little conflicted with the Ursula bag, Ursula is the queen of a bold lip and all, so having her as our makeup bag heroine seems fitting, but the whole design and beauty of this bag makes us feel that it is the perfect clutch bag for just about any event.

It’s also important to note, and to celebrate that with every purchase from this collection, 1% of the revenue goes to Plastic Bank, a charity that clean plastic from the ocean, so mermaids, crabs and fishes will be able to swim free!

We truly love everything in the collection, and can’t wait until it’s released 31st May on Spectrum’s website! We are also super excited to reveal Spectrum have invited us to the launch party on 30th May, so follow us on Instagram to see all the fun!

Written by Niki

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