Spa Etiquette That All Clients Need to Be Aware Of Before Booking a Spa Appointment

Before you book your next spa appointment, you might want to consider some of the things you might be doing wrong. Or maybe the ones you’ve been doing a little ‘too right.’ Ladies, and men, heading over to a spa to get your pedicures and manicures done involves a lot more than just putting on your Spa Robes and kicking back. You have to be a lot more hands-on if you intend to get the best spa services for your money.

You might be thinking, ‘what should I do before I head to the spa? What do I do when in the spa? And what about the spa services, which you can enjoy as a client? These are some of the questions that if you hit right, can ensure you get the best spa services period. So, the next time you wear any of those Spa Robes and cozy yourself in those pedicure seats, ask yourself these questions.

Should I drink anything before my spa appointment?

Well, don’t. You don’t want to get your booze on before your spa appointment. For one thing, drinking before you head to your spa appointment will get you too dehydrated when getting your spa. Alcohol also drains its users of a lot of energy. So, there is a high likelihood that you won’t entirely appreciate your spa services as you would while sober. So, if you must drink something before you head into the spa, take water. However, you also don’t want to take too much and end up running to the bathroom now and then.

Should I grab a bite before heading to the spa?

Yes! It is best that you, at least, eat a light meal before you head into the spa to keep you from passing out. However, you also want to be mindful not to be too full either. So, try and avoid high-calorie meals and fatty foods if you intend to go to the spa later on in the day.

Must I shave?

Well, this also depends. For the guys, you might want to consider getting a facial the night before you head over to the spa. Shaving helps to prepare your skin and make it less sensitive for all the workouts you expect in the spa. Luckily, the ladies don’t necessarily need to shave their legs, or any other parts of their skins to get any treatment.

Must I shower?

Okay, so you might want to shower before you head over to the spa, so you don’t smell. You also need to pay special attention to your feet when showering. Many spa therapists even recommend that you spend some time in the steam rooms or sauna. These processes help prepare your body especially for massages and other body treatments you will get in the spa. Steam helps to loosen your muscles and also improve your body’s blood circulation. However, just try not to overly cleanse yourself before sparing. Your spa therapists also need to see your real skin. This way, they’ll know exactly what they are working with.

Can I use the bathrooms between treatments?

Yes, you can. However, it is going to be inconveniencing for your spa therapists to have to stop in between sessions. So, ensure you do your business beforehand to ensure you don’t prolong your spa sessions or interfere with the sessions in the first place. Ladies, and men, after getting into your Spa Robes, try as much as possible to stay in position until the sessions are over.

Is there anything your therapist needs to know before the sessions start?

If you have any medical issues or injuries that might affect how you get your spa sessions, then you must let your therapist know before the treatments start. Circulatory problems are especially crucial to notify your spa therapist about. Health problems such as blood clot. Remember, you are also not looking to complicate your health during your sessions. You might also want to notify your therapist of any events that you plan on going to later on in the day. This will help them keep time when working on you, so you do not miss out on any important events.

Should my breath be any concern?

No offense, but definitely. As a common courtesy, you might want to brush your teeth in advance and have some mint gum with you as well. You can also try many of the other bad breath remedies. At least don’t let your breath smell like lunch throughout the entire sessions. Your spa therapist will also appreciate this a lot.

How early do I need to be at the spa?

If you indent for your spa session to begin right on time, then you might want to report at least 30 minutes before your spa appointment. This way, you will have ample time to check in, cool off, and even relax a little before the real work begins.

Must I take everything off?

Well, only if you feel comfortable doing so. However, if you intend to get the full spa session experience, then you might want to try taking everything off. You won’t regret doing so. Many people prefer to leave their underwear on. However, these could catch some of the greases from all the oils that will be used. Plus, you will also need to remove all jewelry before your session begins.

Do my eyes need to be open during the session?

Please don’t have your eyes open during your spa sessions. If anything, some of the spa products could accidentally get into your eyes which can cause health issues. Plus, keeping your eyes closed also helps to relax the muscles in your head.

Can I talk during my spa session?

Yes! You can definitely talk when getting your spa session. There’s no reason to keep quiet if something feels uncomfortable or hurts you. May you just don’t like the music that’s playing or the room feels too hot or too cold. You can ask your therapist to adjust these things, so you feel more comfortable.

Final thoughts

As mentioned earlier, getting the best massage sessions involve a lot more than just pulling down your Spa Robes. There’s a lot more work you have to do on your part, so you get the best spa services for your money.

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