Sophia Smith’s Fans host a ‘Sophia Day’ on Instagram

Over the weekend some of Sophia Smith’s biggest fans decided to do something really lovely for their idol. They took to Instagram to host a ‘Sophia Day’. Using the hashtag #SophiaDay, the aim of the day was simple, show Sophia how much she meant to them. Lots of fans took part using the hashtag on Sophia’s  latest photos, posting comments explaining to the influencer just why they loved her.

The project was created by @sophiasmithlovers, an account which has supported and updated on Sophia since 2016. They have been very respectful to Sophia a fact that has not gone unnoticed by Sophia herself has direct messaged the account and liked photos on it multiple times.

Even Modeliste Magazine who Sophia has been with for the past few days in the US working on a project with Modeliste Magazine as part of #modearoundtheglobe.

You can see some of the heartwarming messages Sophia’s fans below.

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Did you participate in ‘Sophia Day’? Let us know in the comments below or over on @Fuzzable!



Written by Kelly McFarland

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