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Sophia Grace launches ‘LO LO London’ fashion line

Singer, actress and YouTube sensation Sophia Grace has launched her very own fashion collection called LO LO London.

Marking the 16-year-old’s first foray into the fashion world, the initial launch includes hoodies, a cropped hoodie and a snapback baseball cap which Sophia Grace designed in cooperation with her fans.

Speaking about the collection, which will be expanding in the spring, Sophia Grace said: “This is one of the most exciting and enjoyable things I’ve ever done. I’ve always loved fashion from when I was a little girl dressing up in tutus and tiaras, and then leaving that behind to make way for my teenage years and changing my wardrobe and style.”

The collection is inspired by Sophia Grace’s personal style and when it came to designing the items, she took into consideration what colours and styles her followers enjoyed. She said: “I’m really into smart casual wear right now and think this collection reflects my personal style at the moment. the most amazing part about the design process is interacting with my social media followers, I love reading the comments and dm’s to see what colour or style is their favourite, one thing I’ve learned is we all like different things and have different opinions on clothing, it’s great that we all have our own style!”

LO LO London is named after the capital city, with the fashion and music scenes also heavily inspiring the designs. “London is a special place with a lot of things to be proud of. The city plays a big part in my brand and I hope to represent it as best I can,” Sophia Grace added.

Sophia Grace is perhaps best known for her viral moment in 2011, where she performed a version of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’ on The Ellen Show with her cousin Rosie. Becoming an instant internet sensation, she has since turned her hand to releasing her own original material, with seven singles and an EP already under her belt.

Sophia Grace said: “I can’t wait to gift Ellen a hoodie, I think she will look great in the white hoodie as I’ve seen her wearing white before and it really suits her, I’m also going to be sending a Sunset Orange hoodie to Nicki Minaj and a White Hoodie to Ariana Grande, I’ve already sent a Sunset Orange hoodie to my cousin Rosie and she loves it.”

Check out the LO LO London collection in full here.

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